Monday, November 21, 2011

Heart full of thanks!

I know, I know... I said I was taking a break. But frankly, it's my blog, so there ;P

Honestly, I'm sitting here in front of the computer with a heart full of thanks and I have to spill it out somewhere.

It's Thanksgiving week .... and what better time :)
  • Thankful I'm going to have all my family under one roof this week. 
  • Thankful for the turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, rolls, etc etc, that will will be consumed this week. Thanksgiving is by far my favorite meal of the year.
  • Otherwise thankful for food, ha.
  • Thankful for my health.
  • Thankful for transportation.
  • Thankful for my salvation.
  • Thankful for the gift of family. I'm privileged and honored to have the family I do. 
  • Thankful for a mother who I walked in to TJ Maxx with this weekend and blessed me by buying me a blouse and three pairs of shoes. I love her. Truly love her.
  • Thankful the Gators won their game over the weekend. We've had a rough season. It wasn't a SEC team win, but it was a win and I'll take it!
  • With that said, thankful to be a Florida Gator.
  • Thankful it's going to be 70s on Thanksgiving Day and not in the normal 80s. If you lived in Florida, you would appreciate this, ha.
  • Thankful for the pedicure I got over the weekend and the hour or so I just got to relax.
  • Thankful for the pain I have after my run this weekend (its been awhile, ha), because it reminds me to be thankful I have legs to run.
  • Thankful for the fun fun time I had with the family this weekend putting our tree up while listening to Christmas music. 
  • Speaking of which, thankful for Christmas music. Just makes everything better.
  • Thankful for friendships that add so much joy and meaning to my life.
  • Thankful for my job.
  • Thankful that when things aren't always going my way, I'm reminded that it could always be worse.
  • Thankful for my Compassion child that I sponsor.
  • Thankful for my Father God who loves me even when I feel unlovable. 
  • Thankful for Faith, Hope, and Love.
  • Thankful for memories made this time of year and the way it warms the heart.
  • Thankful for laughter. Couldn't imagine life without it. 
  • Lastly, truly truly thankful for each and every one of you. If you're reading this... Yes, I'm talking to you.
Some of these are silly things but I pray the Lord will always teach me to have a thankful heart in the small and big things. This life is hard and circumstances beat us down. And it's easy to focus on everything else. Gahhhhh, we have so much in this life to be thankful for. This list could seriously go on and on.

I pray that you can pause for a moment in the hustle and bustle. Go to a quiet place, maybe by yourself, and reflect and give thanks.

Who knows, I might be back, maybe not..... but interrupting to pour out some thanks!

Happy Thanksgiving week!!


Jenna said...

Aw, great list Lauren. =)

And I haven't forgotten to text you back, I just haven't watched Revenge from last week yet!

Holly said...

Wow I love your Christmas tree!

Rebecca Jo said...

A heart full of thanks is contagious! :) Glad you broke your break for that.

BARBIE said...

So thankful to "see" you here. Loved your list!