Thursday, August 7, 2014

A year in the making.

It's almost been a whole year since I've written on this blog of mine.
As my fingers are touching the keys, it feels good. REAL good actually.
For those of you wondering, yes... I'm still here. And for those of you reading this, you've stuck around and boy my hat goes off to you. Ha.
Not even going to attempt to recap a year.
But let's start off with where I'm at, the here and now.
I turned 30 on June 11th. I've always been told the 30s are great and you really learn who you are and come to appreciate yourself and not try to mold yourself into who you think you should be. That your confidence truly takes a turn and it allows you to hold your head up high while saying "I'm 30, hear me roar." This really had me looking forward to the day I turned the 3-0.
I spent the day at my favorite place on earth, the beach... Siesta Key Beach, Florida. And with my best friend. It was the perfect day.

The day came and went... Woke up the day after my birthday and 30 really not feeling any different, but thinking, "What next Lauren?"
"What do you see your life looking like a year from now?"
I had the opportunity last month to go visit a friend that just moved back from Hawaii where her husband was stationed, and recently just relocated to Chattanooga, TN. Well, they live in Georgia, but it's right on the GA/TN line. It's a beautiful area that I've visited many times before as I have a handful of friends that live there as well. I've fallen more and more in love with the Chattanooga area each time I visit.
While I was there I began thinking to myself "This is it, Lauren. What are you waiting for?"
I love Florida, I love this place I've called home my entire life but my heart for a very long time now has been desiring a change. To go somewhere with a different change of scenery and figure who I am. I'm in a job that's not fulfilling and needed to get out of like yesterday and there's nothing holding me here. So with that I say after the first of the year, end of spring at the latest, I will be moving to Chattanooga, TN. I'm beyond thrilled to be excited about something again and to have a real and tangible goal to work towards. I've already started getting the ball rolling and making the necessary steps. So needless to say, the better part of the rest of this year and following will be working towards making this happen. There are just so many signs that this is the right decision for me and something I not only need to do but omg, something I HAVE to do. And I have such a peace about it.
30. It's going to be good. So very good.
More soon, and very soon :)