Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wedding fun!

I am seriously not lacking in pictures today!

Monica's wedding turned out to be so beautiful and went without a hitch. My other best friend just got engaged over the weekend. I know my time will come but in the meantime, I'm rejoicing with my friends and so excited for them!!! :)

Rehearsal dinner:

The bride and groom

The yummy cake!

The table decorations!

Wedding day:

It was a beautiful Catholic ceremony and we actually sat down for part of it after we walked down the aisle but we weren't allowed to take any pics of the ceremony, unfortunately.

And let the party begin:

The table decorations were amazing! The whole wedding was beach themed and that's where they got engaged!

The newly married Mr. & Mrs. Greg Matthews!

Mr. Clean's twin, haha!

Father/Daughter dance!

The bride made us girls sing karaoke to "Girls just want to have fun", ha!

The men doing YMCA, ha!

I thought this was a fabulous idea! Instead of a guest book they framed a picture of Monica and Greg for everyone to sign!

Does blogger have a picture limit??? haha!!!! The night was such a blast and beautiful!

Congrats Monica and Greg!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Things I've learned on this Monday!

* I detest bills with a passion..... They all seem to pile on you at once and I'm really trying hard not to stress!

We all wish we could have more money, but money is not what makes the world go round..

Can I get an amen???

* I dropped my camera on the pavement this morning and I wanted to cry. Had to remind myself that it's only a material object and it's only a camera and I'll survive.

* I am in love, with my new blackberry curve phone that is. It's a purdy red! I've never had internet on my phone before and have never been able to send pictures before to others, and so I'm in blackberry heaven! And you want to know the best part? It only cost me $49.99 with my rebate. Score! It was love at first sight people!

* Glazed donuts should be considered one of the deadliest sins... They keep finding a way into my mouth. It's a conspiracy I tell you!

* I could so have played Katherine Heigl's character in 27 dresses after being in a wedding this weekend. It was my first wedding that I've been in and I had an absolute BLAST! But if I was in that many weddings and without being married myself, I might not like it so much.... so come on hubby, come find momma!!

And the day is just beginning. What else will I learn? Hmmmmm.....

Lots to do today and trying to be focused and this may not be much but it's all I've got, ha!! I'll be back tomorrow with a recap of the weekend and pictures of the wedding... in the meantime, here is a sneak peek!

Friday, June 26, 2009

The passing of icons!

You guys rock!

Thank you so much for all your grocery advice! It's definitely going to help my budget! I'll keep you posted on that and how it goes :)

And if you see me on the street, give a girl some food, would ya??? TOTALLY just kidding, but when I ask, you all sure do deliver!

Yesterday was such a sad day in the celebrity world! Michael Jackson was a very lost and very unique person in his own right and I'll never quite understand the life he led. But man, the world lost a legend yesterday! I will always love Thriller. I think he started becoming really big when I was born in the 80's and I really wish as I would have gotten older that I would have taken the time to appreciate his music more. It will definitely live on for years to come!

Back in 2005 I went out to California to visit a friend and it was during the time Michael was on trial for the charges brought against him. I was able to drive by the courthouse where his trial was taking place and there were so many people bombarding the courthouse and tons of reporters and what not. I was able to get pictures. Although I hate what he was being charged for but looking back, it's neat to be able to say I experienced that.

From what I've heard, this is kind of like when Elvis passed away!

I was also sad because with Michael's death it kind of put Farrah Fawcett's passing on the back burner and just hope she gets the recognition that she deserves. She fought a couragious fight and she was such an inspiration as to how she handled her cancer and in the midst continued to remain just as beautiful as she was back in the days of Charlie's Angels!

When you hear of the death of a celebrity it's bizarre the way it hits you and you feel like you just lost a friend. But indeed, Farrah and Michael couldn't be in a more better place, wouldn't you agree? Will continue to keep these families in my prayers in the days to come!

And then there's Ed McMahon... I use to watch Star Search religiously when I was younger. Always wishing I could be on the show and loved guessing how many stars people were going to get, ha! Did any of you watch that show??

This leads me to rememember the Full House episode where Joey was on Star Search. Do you remember that one?

I twitter and follow alot of celebrities, I know... like I don't get enough of them in the news and media, I have to stalk them and follow them, haha! Are you a stalker like me and follow celebrities?? haha!

Who is ready for the weekend??

I AM!!

Friday, hurry it up would you? I have wedding festivities to tend to, haha! I can't wait to share pictures with ya'll. It's going to be such a fun time celebrating this weekend with Monica during this special time in her life. I was so honored when she asked me to be in her wedding. It seems like she was just telling me she got engaged!

Time sure does fly, doesn't it?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Help me become a bargain grocery shopper!

I'm 25 years old and have never been on my own.

I know, I'll pause a moment while you gasp in shock!

That won't be the case much longer! My mom is getting hitched next month and of course will be moving and my sister is gone. She's not quite going to sell the house yet, so that leaves me, and eventually will lead to getting a place of my own!

I don't pay rent but do my fair share of pitching in and helping with the expenses! One thing I have not yet had to do was be on grocery duty... but obviously now I will.

So this is where I come to you....

What method of budgeting for groceries has worked for you because now I'm going to have to factor this into my budget? And what have you found that you can live with and live without. But most importantly, in what ways have you found you've been able to save? I just want to make sure I do the grocery thing wisely, and do what's best for my budget!

Thanks for your help!

On another note. It's coming down to the wire. My best friend Monica's wedding is this weekend, so let the festivities begin. This morning I was out of the house before 7am to go pick up my bridesmaid dress that had to be altered and make sure it fits and it fit like a charm. It's the most beautiful jade color. It's going to be such a fun weekend. I'm so looking forward to it!

So now I just have to get through school tonight and work tomorrow and let the weekend begin!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A figure skater I am not, but almost!

And by almost, I mean probably not anytime in the near future, but it was fun! We only lasted about an hour and a half before our feet couldn't take much more!

My friend Sarah and I had a blast and here's the night in pictures! And for some reason I am having issues with my copy and paste so start from the last picture up to start in order or if you shall wish, go from the end of the night and work you're way to the beginning! ha :)

Another slice of heaven! Chili's chips and queso, and add a few margaritas to the mix (two for one ya'll) and it's the end to a perfect evening!

Being silly! And if you look closely enough you'll see the crum of a chip on the tip of my nose that Sarah brought to my attention, haha!

We seriously had forgotten which locker we put our stuff in because the key didn't have the number on it, so we made a lucky guess and we were right, haha!

Would have to be the world's longest shoe lace!

What I call hell!

What I call heaven!

We were fairly warned, ha!

How dare they kick us off the ice so they can smooth it so I can skate better, haha!

We shall conquer!

Our painful faces :o(

Sassy skater I am!

I didn't fall once, so overall the night was a success!!!!!! Anyone want to go for round two with me? I promise you'll love it, but your feet might not, haha!!!