Sunday, August 30, 2009

My song!

I sit here not exactly sure what to write.

I really and truly in all honesty want to be able to sit here right now and do a recap of my weekend at the Women of Faith Conference in Atlanta. But I'm still trying to process it all and there's so much going on in my heart.

And when I can put it into words, I will share!

But I do want to share with you one thing that I learned.

I learned I have a song and noone can take that away from me.

And did you know that you have one too?

Your life is a very song in itself that's playing out each and every day and noone, not anyone, can take that song away.

Again, I say NOONE.

When I heard that spoken over me this weekend, I tucked that away in my heart and I'm never letting it go.

I was challenged beyond belief in ways I can't even begin to describe this weekend to live outside of myself and play my song in my world all around me!

And you know what, till this weekend I didn't even know I had a song.

I began to realize I have had one all along but I just hadn't yet tapped into it. It's the very song that God had orchestrated the day I was born up until the very day I sat in that seat at Women of Faith and found out I had a song, and it's a song that will continue to play as long as I live.

Granted it's not a song played on the radio, but nevertheless, it's MY song.

So, how this for a 200th post??? haha!

Maybe if I can bring to words, I'll share throughout the week little nuggets I learned over the weekend, and trust me.. there were some nuggets!

Here's to 200 more posts, singing my song!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Women of Faith!

Today I am leaving work early to head to Atlanta for a Women of Faith Conference.

There are going to be some amazing people there!

I am so looking forward to it. It's going to be a quickie of a trip because I'll be back on Saturday! But this time will do my soul some good. This week I have off all week from school and so it will be a great recharge for my battery and my cup will over floweth I'm sure.

I've never been at this defining moment in my life such as I am now where I'm just needing some clear direction from God and really seeking him out in certain areas. So I'm looking forward to spending this weekend with some great group of friends of mine and with millions of other women from around the country and coming together to do just that, seek him out.

What better weekend could you ask for, right? I wish all of you ladies could come with me, wouldn't that be a blast?

And I have to say, thank you so much for all the sweet comments yesterday. Ya'll are just simply the best. Each and every one meant so much to me. I'll be explaining soon but just know that the doctor's appointment went REALLY well.

Love ya'll.

Oh, and my next post will be the 200th post, better make it a good one, huh??? LOL

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Crystal Ball vs. Faith

I had this whole other post planned for today, but change of plans!

1 Peter 1:8
Without having seen Him, you love Him; though you do not now see Him, you believe in Him and exult and thrill with inexpressible and glorious joy.

I think this scripture speaks for itself. Amazing stuff right there! I heard this at church over the weekend.

Today I have a doctors appt., and if ya'll would be praying I would appreciate it. I'll explain further later. But today even without seeing him, I choose to believe and have faith in a God that is true to his word. Today I will carry around with me joy in the midst of so much uncertainty. I've totally learned that when you're trying to figure out this thing called life on your own, it totally just leaves you even more confused. So just put your whole faith and trust in God, and he's got it covered.

I often tell people that I wish I had a crystal ball, so I could look into my future and see how everything is going to pan out. But the more I think about it, how fun would that be? If we knew everything that was coming, where would the excitement be, and that would kind of spoil the fun for God in allowing our destiny to unfold.

He delights in us so much, and takes pleasure in giving us the desires of our hearts and meeting our every need.

So today, if you need to, cling on to that scripture. Whatever the case maybe, there is no circumstance too big or too small to bring to him. Though you may have never seen him, he's seen you, and he loves you, and though you may have never seen him, he believes in you, even at those times when you don't believe in yourself!

And if you have to choose between a crystal ball or faith...

Choose faith!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Black-Eyed Peas & Hot Fries!

And by Black-Eyed Peas I don't mean the food!

This morning I'm driving to work and my mom calls. She asks if I'm listening to 106.7 on the radio and she goes on to say because one of her favorite songs is on and it just gets her going, and ask me if I like this song. So I turn to the station and what do I hear?

"It's going to be a good night" by the Black-Eyed Peas was playing. Flat out H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S! So glad to know my mother is staying current with the music of today, haha!!!

And another funny for you...

Yesterday I had to stop for gas after work. I figured, great, I can pick up my favorite thing, Hot Fries, while I'm at it. Seriously, ya'll, I'm addicted to these things, but you want to know the irony in this? They make me cry because they are so hot.

And I still eat them, Can someone explain that to me??

I don't know what it is I love about them, the texture it could be? Maybe the fact I like to inflict pain upon myself?

I have NO clue!

But I like to think of it as a good cry, and not to mention that a bottle of water is not to far from me when I'm eating these things.

Again, why am I addicted?

I say all this because the gas station where I went to get gas didn't have any, and so my friends, I stopped by two different gas stations after that to find these yesterday. I was determined to hit every gas station along the way home to get these things if I had to.

And all so I could have a good cry!

So I finally did find them but what was funny is take a look at who was cruising along with me on my windshield in the "Great Search of 2009 for Hot Fries."

Click to enlarge, soo funny!! :)

But take pity on the lizard, he was just along for the ride!!

And seriously, try these, they are so worth the cry!!

What crazy things have ya'll done for food and to satisfy your cravings? I know you have to have some stories to tell.

Monday, August 24, 2009

No lack of pictures on this Monday!

So as I said yesterday, on Friday night we had girls night at Sarah's house. A bunch of us girls from school just had fun hanging out and enjoying a competitive game of cranium. Such a blast.

Feeding the duckies.

Such a beautiful view from Sarah's house.


Kristin, Sarah, and Sarah's dog Zeke!

My turn!

The other Sarah and I taking a picture of us taking a picture of each other, ha!

Sarah and I.

Let the games begin!

We didn't have any play-doh for the game, so we had to make our own! ha!

Kristin, the play-doh maker!

Sarah got a hold of my camera, so in case you wanted to see my eyeball, here ya go, ha!

My team, but unfortunately we lost!! But I still love them!

Our little play-doh bird we made, ha!

Kristin excited because we got the answer, haha!!

This is Kristin acting out "Leave it to Beaver", haha!! I guessed this one, thank you very much! My smartness cannot be contained, ha!

The bird now has a nest, ha!

Us acting out cartwheels on paper, haha!

Oh, the night was sooo much fun. Don't think I've ever laughed so hard in my life. It was a great send off for Sarah who will be moving to San Diego at the end of this week. We're going to miss her :(

Then Saturday we took my sister up to college in North Florida and got her situated in her dorm. It turned out so cute. I want to move in with her, haha!!! Can I got to college please? haha!!

Pretty cute, eh? It's great because she has two beds, so I can come up and visit her and and hang out!!! I keep telling her to enjoy these next four years because they are going to be the best years of her life and they'll fly by!!

And of course, wouldn't be complete without a t-shirt to represent!

I spent the whole weekend over at my mom's house. Yesterday was a great church service and then we got Sonny's BBQ to go and hung out at the house and my step-sister and her family came over and visited. They had been over in Europe for a month. Her husband was there on business. They did a house swap. A couple from Europe stayed at their house here and they stayed out their house over in Europe. How cool is that, right?

So they went to Paris and they brought me back this!

My own personal Eiffel Tower that actually came from Paris :)

And this cute blouse for me that they also found in Paris!

They brought over like 200 of their favorite pictures that they took while in Europe. They were amazing and they let us take whatever photos we wanted because they got some amazing scenic shots and wanted to share three of my favorites with you. I went and got them blown up last night. Sorry these shots aren't all that great and don't do the pictures justice but I'm taking a picture of a picture, ha!

The Eiffel Tower lit up at night!

A butterfly landed on their daughters hand. Such a beautiful shot!

This is my favorite! Amazing picture of a flower with a beautiful building in the background!

Sooooo, there ya have it. If you survived this, bless you!! :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday tidbits!

This weekend has been very full and busy, but a great one!

Friday night a few of the girls from school and I had a girls night! One of the girls is moving to San Diego, and so it was one last hoorah before she left. It was such a fun night. We played cranium and it was a blast.

Needless to say, I didn't get home till real late and then had to get up bright and early with my mom and the hubster to head to North Florida to take my sister off to college and get settled. My sister was home the whole month of August after her first semester during the summer was over. And she had to move into a whole new dorm and so lots to do. We had such a great time and her room turned out so cute.

But at the same time have to admit I was a little jealous that I didn't get the whole college experience myself. A regret I always have in the back of my mind, and I know we're not supposed to live with regrets. Something I wish I would have had, but God had other plans. So I will just have to live the college life vicariously through her!

Spent the night at my mom's house last night and I went and got sushi for myself.... yum yum!! I attempted to watch

but TOTALLY feel asleep. Sorry Zac Efron, nothing against you, haha! So I guess I'll need to give the movie a second go at it, hahaha!

Heading to church this morning, so need to get my rear in gear and start getting ready! I love Sundays and hope you enjoy yours. Pics to come tomorrow of the weekend!!! :)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The proof is in the picture!

And this my friends is why it will always be GREAT to be a Florida gator.....

Feast your eyes!

Let me introduce you to the hunkness that is Tim Tebow, quarterback for the Florida Gators.

Enough said.

The End.

And plus that's all I got for ya on this Saturday!!!

and oh yeah.... GO GATORS!!!!!!

September 5th, Gator football is right around the corner!! :)

Friday, August 21, 2009

I'm # 1 :)

So a few months back I went to a thirty-one purse party. They do have a wonderful selection of all sort of things and anything can be monogrammed. Well, I bought this bag with my first initial on it and this is what I got...

Okay, now I might be mistaken but it totally looks like I'm walking around advertising that I'm #1, does it not? Apparently the lady failed to let me know in what I got they don't offer my initial in a capital letter so I got the lower case, and if my initial was anything but an "L" I would have been fine...

But I'm not that big headed and I'm not #1.... haha!!

Apparently the company will not let me send it back to get something else....

Hello customer service where did you run off to?

And not only that, but look at this...

Totally glued on people, and totally coming off!

Not happy, and believe it or not, it was not cheap!

So I'm going to take it to a local store here and have it monogrammed, and have the monogrammed stitched and NOT glued.

My question is, should I stick with just my first initial or do LKN, you know with the K for my last name being bigger in the middle?

What do you think? Or do you have any other ideas??

Happy Friday!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Answers revealed!

Last week I did a Q & A and here are some of the questions that were asked along with the answers revealed :)

Miss Honeydew asked: I have always wanted to know (about) how old are you? You look so young but seem so wise!

Well, I am 25 (I know I look much younger) going on 90, haha!!! I've always had people mistake me for much much younger. Will work to my advantage when I'm older, ha! But I have always had people tell me that I'm an old soul.

Kim asked: Do you have a boyfriend/husband & Have you ever been to Charleston, SC?


For you to be so young, how do you find the time & faith to walk along the road with Jesus?
[I am a wife & mother, and young myself, & have a hard time following Jesus daily, I'd love to get more involved but some times I give up & know I shouldn't] Pray for me Please!

Nope, currently I do not have a boyfriend/husband! The road has been rough when it seems like everyone around me is getting married or having kids. But I'm reminded that I'm not alone in my singleness and right now I'm perfectly content in walking this road with God until he brings me to that person, or brings that person to me. I've come to realize that this time is preparation for when that times does come.

I've never been to Charleston, SC, but I have been to Columbia, SC, and Myrtle Beach, SC. But if you have an extra room I'll come visit ya, ha!

Kim, there is no perfect solution, everyone's walk with Jesus is different. At times I fail miserably in this area when at times all these things in life can block out that time that we need to be spending with him. With work and school, it's not always easy and I can imagine with being a wife and a mother and with all the responsbilities, it can't be easy for you either. Don't beat yourself up about it. Just continue praying that the Lord will allow you to carve out those times to be with him, in the meanwhile, he knows your heart!

Lindsey asked: What is your favorite place in the whole world?

I actually have two answers for this. The beach and the mountains!! To me, you get the best of both worlds. They both are so calming and peaceful. There is no other place in the world other than the mountains where I can fully sense just how big God is in the midst of feeling so small among those huge mountains. It's just beautiful to me and love it! And then there's the beach. There are many times where I've just been by myself on the beach and just had a good cry just at the beauty of it all. In the midst of the crashing waves and the sun, I feel like that's my meeting place with God. Someplace where I can just sit and bask in the beauty of it all.

Aishlea asked: If you could travel to one place you have never been, where would you go?

It has always been my dream to go on a mission’s trip and I really hope one day this dream will come to fruition. So I guess in answer to this question I’d have to say anywhere where I could go on a mission’s trip and have that experience. Oh, and Paris, Tuscany, London, Jamaica, and Fiji wouldn’t be bad either, haha!!! So I guess that was multiple answers for you, ha!

Mrs. Realife asked: If you were the character in a movie, who would it be and what movie?

Okay, this question would have been really hard up until just recently. But after watching the Titanic this past weekend, I would have to say Rose from the Titanic. Which might seem kind of odd because it's such a sad movie and I'm going down with a ship. But seriously, one scene that really stuck out with me was when Rose got put on the life boat to be taken to safety and then all of sudden she hopped off the life boat and back on the ship to be with Jack. All the while knowing she was putting her life in danger but wanting to be with the one she loved. To me, that was the ultimate act of love. And to be loved like that by Jack, and to love someone so much that you're willing to risk all that...yeah, I'd pick Rose. That was such a defining scene, and depicted so well how much they loved each other!

Sneaky Momma asked: What line of work are you in? I just love that you enjoy hanging out with your colleagues!

I have been working at a law office as a receptionist/do anything and everything that no one cares to do, haha!! It is so much more than just answering the phone, believe me. And I do work with a great group of people who are like family to me. Heck, I see them more than my own family, ha!!

Thank you for such great questions and hope you enjoyed learning a little more about me and I've so enjoyed getting to know all of you friends out there!!!

Oh, and I just have some exciting news to share. I never did tell you that my cousin/bff got engaged. Her and her Fiance have been together for a long time, so it's not going to be a long engagement. They are getting married in November and guess where they're getting married and guess who's going?????

I found out yesterday they are getting married in the Bahamas and so in November I'm going to the Bahamas for a weekend to take part in their big day!!!! YAY for weddings and especially weddings in the Bahamas!!! Oh yeah!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Just one of the many things I've learned along the way!

Sometimes I think there are only certain life lessons that you learn in your 20's.

I'm the youngest one in my office. This week I dealt with a co-worker who needs EGR (extra grace required). Where I'm at right now in life and my age the more and more I'm finding that you have to fight for and demand your respect. I'm not big on confrontation, which I'm working on that, but this week I had to deal with an issue head on and a few words were spoken, but I tried to be as nice as possible about it. And you know me, I'm such an easy person to get alot with, seriously, but I'm finding that if you don't stick up for yourself that people will think they can walk all over you and disrespect you just because your younger and think they can. I feel like I deserve the respect in which I'm willing to give.

Am I wrong in thinking that, because if I am, please tell me, ha!

This is especially becoming very evident to me in the workplace and think in other areas of life as well.

See, to me your 20's are hard enough. You're still trying to find your way. And all along the way you have this whole scenario of how your life is going to play out in your mind, and well sometimes it doesn't end up the way you think, and along with that come the insecurities.

Granted, I may not be married, don't have kids, still live in my Mom's house, but technically on my own, but in my 25 years I have gained so much wisdom and learned so much through my life experiences I've had thus far.

I think there's so much to be learned from people, no matter the age...

And that's just one of the MANY things I have learned along the way.

Tomorrow I'll be back with answers to a few of your questions from last week :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

When the clock strikes 8:36 a.m!

Well, it happened.....

I set my alarm clock and then turned it off and guess I decided I was going to continue my dream and go back to sleep, ha!

So imagine my panic when I woke up and saw that the sun was a little bit brighter then I cared for it to be and my clock said 8:36 a.m.


This is the first time in the six years I've been at this office that this has happened!!

I never got ready so fast in my entire life. No shower (don't judge), no breakfast, very little make-up, and no jewelry!

On a happier note, did remember to brush my teeth, ha!

If this is a hint of things to come, Tuesday, please have mercy on me!

Just thankful for another day, even if I was a late starter :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Once upon a time....

In a far away land......................

There was a Queen...

and her two princesses...

(AKA: me baby-sitting two cuties on a Saturday night)

And we were held up in the royal palace...

It was a place truly fit for a princess and apparently they thought they could make a royal mess!

This princess likes to pose!!

Okay, and maybe the Queen does too!

It must have been the milk they drank??

And they couldn't decide which they wanted to be, Snow White, Aerial, or Aurora. Oh, the decisions a princess has to make. This is tough stuff you know!

And the Queen was kind of bummed because it was brought to her attention that the glass slipper didn't quite fit..

Maybe next time! :(

All on a Saturday night in Fairytale Land :)