Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Just one of the many things I've learned along the way!

Sometimes I think there are only certain life lessons that you learn in your 20's.

I'm the youngest one in my office. This week I dealt with a co-worker who needs EGR (extra grace required). Where I'm at right now in life and my age the more and more I'm finding that you have to fight for and demand your respect. I'm not big on confrontation, which I'm working on that, but this week I had to deal with an issue head on and a few words were spoken, but I tried to be as nice as possible about it. And you know me, I'm such an easy person to get alot with, seriously, but I'm finding that if you don't stick up for yourself that people will think they can walk all over you and disrespect you just because your younger and think they can. I feel like I deserve the respect in which I'm willing to give.

Am I wrong in thinking that, because if I am, please tell me, ha!

This is especially becoming very evident to me in the workplace and think in other areas of life as well.

See, to me your 20's are hard enough. You're still trying to find your way. And all along the way you have this whole scenario of how your life is going to play out in your mind, and well sometimes it doesn't end up the way you think, and along with that come the insecurities.

Granted, I may not be married, don't have kids, still live in my Mom's house, but technically on my own, but in my 25 years I have gained so much wisdom and learned so much through my life experiences I've had thus far.

I think there's so much to be learned from people, no matter the age...

And that's just one of the MANY things I have learned along the way.

Tomorrow I'll be back with answers to a few of your questions from last week :)


Unknown said...

I think you're totally right - good for you for speaking up!

Anonymous said...

You're SO right about standing up for yourself. It's awesome that you were able to. I have the same personality and find it so hard not to just let people walk all over me! But like you said- if you stand your ground, people will learn that you're just as deserving of respect.

I'm so glad you shared this with us!

Anonymous said...

You are very right! You should look up the book Wisdom. I believe there is an electronic copy online. I'm the only girl in a guy work atmosphere. I've had to really chirp up and prove myself some times! Good luck!

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

you have an amazing outlook on life, dear.


Rebecca Jo said...

Yep... it does seem like the older some people get, the more they feel that in order to "teach" younger folks, you gotta be rude & stomp on them... No, no no!!!! Good for you for extending grace - but you can also stand up for yourself in the meanwhile... that right there earns respect!!! Keep standing up for yourself with Christian attitude! Show older people that young Christian women have it together!!

Annie said...

i think you are right on.
i have been working at my office for 7 years and when i first started i was the youngest by far so i know what you mean.
i think you should always stand up for yourself tho :)

Ashley @ {Let Go, Laughing} said...

I so know what you mean about not getting as much respect just because you are younger. Its so frustrating!