Monday, October 31, 2011

My weekend in Arkansas!

Okay! So I pretty much had the best weekend EVER!

My weekend started Thursday and I hopped on a plane to the great state of Arkansas to visit my friend Whitney! We planned this trip way back in June and couldn't believe the time was already here. We were so excited.

Our first photo after Whitney picking me up!

And before I continue this post I'm just going to say that some of these pictures are mine and some are Whitney's. She has the whole editing thing going on and her pictures turned out way better. You'll be able to figure out which one's are hers, ha!

The night I flew in Jenna had arranged a dinner for a group of us bloggers at a local restaurant in Bentonville. It was so yummy and the company even BETTER.

It was so great to see Jenna again. I've had the chance to meet her before. And so thankful she put this dinner together.

I was BEYOND thrilled to get to meet Katie. She has become a great blog friend and is so dear to me. Have been looking SO forward to seeing her. She is a beautiful person inside and out. Love you, Katie.

Jill unfortunately doesn't have a blog. I was thrilled to meet her and she was as sweet as can be.

Lindsey and I just started becoming blog/twitter friends. I so enjoyed getting to meet her and spend time with her. Hope to see you again real SOON Lindsey!

Me, Niki, and Whitney. Niki stayed over at Whitney's house with us Thursday night. Such a blast to have a girl's night and hang out!

The whole group...
Back: Jenna, Whitney, Jill, Niki, Katie.
Front: Leah, Me, Lindsey.

Friday morning Whitney, Niki and I woke up and got ready and went out and about. Went went to some of the local favorites like Riffraff, Rick's Bakery, and the mall. Fun!!!

They also took me by the Razorback stadium.  I'm a Florida Gator girl all the way, but for the weekend it was Wooooooo Pig Sooooooie!!!! Let me just stop right here for a minute. Oh my goodness, Arkansas people DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT joke around about their love for the Hogs. Okayyyyy, moving on.

Calling the Hogs!! (Just for the weekend! Sorry Gators!)

I had to do my Gator chomp! It's only fair!!! :)

Love these girls.
You will not convert me, but for one weekend, and one weekend only :)

Then Friday for lunch we met a bunch of the other girls at the Crumpet Tea Room. Yummmy food and so so fun! These are some photos I got with my camera.

Leah and Niki.

Me and sweet Jillian Kate, Jennifer's daughter.

Kelly and I with sweet Hollis!

The whole gang.
Laurie, Leah, Niki, Yours Truly, Whitney, Hillary, Amanda, Jennifer, Kelly, and all the sweet babies.

Saturday we set up for the Fall Festival at Whitney's church. We worked hard for a couple of hours and then went to go eat at Rivertowne BBQ. We got to listen/watch the Razorback game. They won, but sadly the Gators didn't on Saturday.

After the game we got ready for the festival. Whitney was a 80's girl and I ended up finding a cheap cat costume at Wally World. Ha!

Whitney and her husband Brad.

Before I left Sunday we went to Pinnacle Hills Promenade and did a little bit of shopping before they had to take me to the airport. Turns out my flight was delayed and so sweet Whitney and her very sweet husband Brad turned around (luckily they hadn't gotten very far) and picked me back up and we went to dinner.

Time to go back, cue sad tears!! (and no I didn't mean to use Razorback luggage, totally a fluke, ha)

One last picture before heading back to Florida.

Oh and best of all, this Florida girl got to see some leaves!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I came at the peak time of Fall and could not have been more thrilled. NWA is truly a beautiful area and will definitely be back! Thank you Whitney and Brad for being such good hosts and so glad I got to see all my Arkansas friends.

Hope everyone had a GREAT weekend!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Too cute to burn.

One would look at this and think isn't that a sweet shoe.

Don't worry, I was made for a fool, too.

I'm convinced these are the devil in disguise.

I got these from Target over the weekend. I wore them for the first time yesterday, but by the end of the day I wanted to burn them. I was over it.

Oh my word, talk about PAIN.

I was totally deceived, ha!

Here's to hoping I break these babies in.

There are simply too cute to burn.

Then I go on to the Target website today and this is the message I get:

Woof! (with the cute dog on there of course)

We are suddenly extremely popular.

There is no need to refresh your browser. Please stay here and we'll get you in as soon as we can!

Thank you and our apologies for the inconvenience.

Really Target???? Ha!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Corn Maze.

Happy Monday!!

It was a beautiful weekend in the Sunshine State.

Yesterday my friend Michelle, my sister, and I went to a local corn maze. It was the first time for all of us.

Honestly, we didn't know what to expect, but it was So.Much.Fun.

They don't joke around though, we had a guy talk with us and had to watch a video before, lol. Apparently we aren't supposed to pick the corn.... DARN!!! ;)

And FYI: When they tell you to use the rest room before going into the corn maze, DO IT!!! You have no idea how long you'll be in there, ha!! 

Another FYI: I was reminded of how absolutely positively disgusting porta potties can be. I have to remind myself to just hold my breath and look straight ahead and don't look down. Gag me!!!

But y'all, corn mazes can be kind of scary and not something I'd want to do alone. You'd find me lost, so so very lost. HA!
Michelle and I before hitting the maze.

Photo op with the tractor :)

My sister doing the "we made it out" pose!!! Ha!

Funny.... That flag you see in my hand, each group had to have one. It was to use in case we got lost and you hold it above the corn and wave it. Luckily that wasn't necessary :) It took us about an hour to get through the maze.

There was so much to do there....pumpkin patches, corn mazes, games, food, and so much for kids. It was a beautiful day but a little on the hot side. It was a great afternoon.

I have more pics on my camera but stole these from Michelle, haha!! :)

Have you ever been to a corn maze? Hope you'll find yourself one to go to this Fall. SO SO fun!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011


We deal with all sorts of people in our life.

Whether it be people we see at the grocery store, people we see while pumping gas. We've gone to school with people, we work with people.... you get what I'm trying to say.

We come across people

And some people can just be down right mean. This song tends to gear more towards a guy but can be applied to anyone we come across.

Take a minute to watch this video. It will make you smile. I watched this more than once.

If you follow Angie's blog, you'll notice her girl's are in it. Read here to get more info on how this video came about. A father went way out of his way to make his sweet girl's birthday wish come true.

I see those girls and I wish I could go back and tell my younger self that people will be people, not always kind and they'll be mean.  The world and people (boys) will tell us we're not pretty enough and not thin enough. And so many things you could add to that list. I would remind her that insecurity is one of the hardest battles we will have to fight. People will hurt us. Words will sting. But most importantly, our self-worth isn't found in what people say or think about us or through the actions of others. Do you kind of wish you could go and sing this song to every person that's ever been mean to you? Ha!

I think we could all write our own "Mean" lyrics from the people we've dealt with in life. Wouldn't you say???

But with that said...

The nice people far outweigh the mean :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

She'll be coming 'round the mountain....

Last year our family went away between Christmas and New Years and so stoked because this year we're doing it again.

It's not too early to start counting down the days until we're heading to the North Carolina mountains.

The house we'll be staying at.

 Has an awesome game room.

Beautiful view.

And hopefully will be covered by lots and lots of this!!!!!

My bags are already packed!!!!!!

What about y'all??? Do you have any fun Fall/Winter trips coming up???

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday Randoms.

  • I'm not one to rush time but y'all, the countdown is on till we can start blasting Christmas music. 
  • Can't get the song "Christmas Shoes" out of my head. Everyone I know loathes it. Are you one of them?
  • This show. Hilarious. I have been obsessed with catching up on the seasons with Netflix. I have never laughed out loud so much. Right up there with Modern Family for me.
  • I know, I'm late on the bandwagon. I'm pretty stoked and eagerly awaiting One Kings Lane voucher to be sent to me so I can get my hands on a Erin Condren planner for a super deal. I'm getting it in this design and obviously my name is not Paige, ha! They are so stinkin cute.
  •  So you know my last blog post? My parents sent me a picture of this. It's like a dagger in the heart.

  • If you're a sucker for a good love story. Go read this
  • Now after reading that. All together now .... "Awwwwwwwww."
  • This month is breast cancer awareness month. Wear your pink and support the cause.
  • I have no crafty bone in my body. I started a project over the weekend. I'm too much of a perfectionist. It's still sitting there undone.
  • Everyone is thinking Beyonce's baby bump is fake. What do you think???
  • I can't remember the last time I dressed up for Halloween. Does that make me lame?
  • I love this time of year and all the scary movies that are on TV. Talking to you Jason and Freddy.
  • My day started with me thinking Lord please don't let this morning set the precedence for how the rest of the day is going to go, and luckily it hasn't.
  • Perspective, got to have it. 
  • Feel like I'm forgetting something but with that...
  • Have a wonderful day my friends.

Friday, October 14, 2011

A Florida girl's dream!

We always want what we can't have right????

It's a well-known fact that Florida is known for its palm trees.

This picture has got to be Miami South Beach or something, because Lord knows the water isn't that pretty in my neck of the woods here in Florida.

Anyway.... Yes, the palm trees are nice and all. But this, this is what I want to see:

Unfortunately, palm trees just don't change their leaves. Ha!

I stole these pictures off a family friend's facebook page. And my parents are on their way today to visit said family friend to see these said beautiful leaves and I'm all sorts of jealous!!

This might seem so simple y'all but this is seriously on my bucket list.

One day I will see the leaves change. And I might just up and move.

Palm trees will be a thing of the past.

Or just have a home in Florida and home in the mountains.

Not to go all Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana (whoever the heck she is at the moment, ha) on you... But it would truly be the best of both worlds!

A Florida girl can dream, right?

Somebody send this poor girl some colored leaves. I'll pay for shipping!!! Anybody?????

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Where it all began.

It all started with a single commercial.

The next thing I knew I was sitting for the first time in class as a court reporting student.

The journey has been long and at times frustrating. I've been in school it seems so long that it's hard to remember not being in court reporting school.

Sometimes it's hard to give 100% and not feel burn't out when you work full time and going to school three nights a week and trying to balance life in general. There is so so much this school requires of you. It is hard and demanding.

It's easy to want to give up and question God's plan.  But if God calls you to it, he'll get you through it, right???

This is the most recent commercial that just came out. Funny because one my teachers is the lady talking to the group at the very beginning, ha!

I never thought the journey would take so long. I try to remember that all of this will be worth it in the end.

The rewards are great if you can just persevere.  I've had alot of obstacles along the way mentally and physically that left me thinking if I'm going to be able to do this, much less see it to completion.

I've had such a great support system and people cheering me on and letting me know I CAN do this and I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

The Stenotype Institute has been my second home. But I'm so ready to move on to the next season of my life, spread my wings, be successful in the career and make a life for myself and be all that I can be. After typing that, realize how totally cheesy that sounds, lol.

The future is at my fingertips, literally, ha.

I guess I say all this to say.... If you're on a journey, questioning the journey. I feel you, I really do.

So I would covet your prayers. To complete and press on toward the goal and win the prize. Philippians 3:14.

(and Lord willing you'll see me in a convertible like the girl in this video when all is said and done, haha)

Friday, October 7, 2011


I am a woman.........

Hear me roar..

OOTD (outfit of the day) this Friday!

I hope everyone has had a great week and has a wonderful weekend. TGIF!!! :-)

Thursday, October 6, 2011


I didn’t really know a whole lot about Steve Jobs, nor did I really keep up with his story and obviously I didn’t know him personally.

But what I do know, he left a huge impact. He left a legacy. He had vision. Comments about him flooded the internet via facebook and Twitter, it was a little overwhelming and so touching.

Impact is defined as having influence or effect.

Whether you’re Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple and an amazing innovator and a brilliant mind, or just an ordinary every day person, you do and can have influence and effect. It doesn’t take you being the co-founder of Apple.

Upon hearing about his death yesterday it got me to thinking about what kind of influence I want to have and what kind of mark I want to make in this world. 

In the “About me section” on the  upper right side of my page….. I wrote “ I want to look back and know that my purpose was served here on earth. That I loved God with my whole heart, loved people, and loved well. “

Hearing about the death of Steve Jobs caused me to reevaluate that. Take a look at myself. Am I living out my purpose? Am I loving God with my whole heart? Loving people? Loving well?

Steve Jobs purpose was served here on earth and he was brilliant at it. We’re all living out our purpose. And pray he knew and loved the God that quipped him with all those tools to live out that purpose each and every day.

I’m sure he had no clue the impact he had on this world and unfortunately most people don’t until they’re gone and it's too late.

As the comments kept flooding in about Steve Jobs….. I kept thinking to myself, I’m sure he would really loved to have heard all this while he was still here on earth. Teaches you to be intentional about letting others know what they mean to you and what their gifts, talents, and time here on earth has meant to you.

Because impact, we all have it.

Be intentional today. If you go to a store today and someone opens a door for you, take the time to thank them and let them know you appreciate it and appreciate them.

Big or small. It will make an impact.

"Your time is limited and so don't waste it trying to live someone else's life." ~Steve Jobs 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The million dollar question.

I'm sure at one time or another we've all been asked that question....

"What would you do if you had a million dollars?"

I went and got my hair cut today. Y'all..... I cannot tell you how much I look forward to hair cut day. Like it's pathetic. I just love how it looks and feels after a good cut and wash.

But I can say with full assurance and without hesitation if I had a million dollars, I would pay good money to have my hair girl come to my house every morning and help a girl out.

Amen. Hallelujah. 

I have resigned myself to that fact that I will NEVER get my hair the way she does it. It's a gift they have.

But unfortunately I don't see a million dollars coming into my future any time soon.

(Hello long long lost relative who has left me an inheritance, you can find me anytime now).

Sigh.... I guess I'll look forward to every six weeks having my little slice of heaven in a chair getting my hair washed... Oh the hair wash, don't even get me started.

Excuse me while I pick up the phone and give the show "Who wants to be a  Millionaire?" a call.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


We all have them.

Scars from the past. Old hurts and wounds that we hold on to. Some are more permanent though.

To  this day I have a little scar on my forehead. When I was about two or so I jumped off the couch and hit my head on the coffee table. My Mom had to take me to the hospital and get stitches. Of course I don't remember any of it but from what my Mom said it was pretty traumatic. More so for her then I think for me, ha.. She couldn't even be in the room. My grandma stayed with me.

But lets talk about J.R. Martinez for a moment.

If you watch Dancing with the Stars, this guy is just incredible. I know we can all get sucked into reality TV, but we can all learn from this guy. His attitude and outlook are an inspiration.

Even if you don't watch DWTS, take a few minutes of your time to watch this.

J.R. has served this country and this dance was a tribute to the men and woman who didn't make it home. I was brought to tears.

It's so easy to let our scars define us, especially physical scars, whatever they might be.  Some scars are inward and some outer, but J.R., wow, he wears these scars proudly as we all should.

Because, those scars, whatever they maybe, tell a story. Whether it's a two year old girl who hits her head on a coffee table or a guy who bravely serves our country and lives to tell about it with scars as a reminder.

Those scars, whether inner scars or physical scars... They don't define us, they're a part of us, a part of our story.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bedroom Makeover.

My bedroom was in major need of a makeover. This weekend I did just that.

I'm not even going to show you pictures of the before. It was that horrific.

But I love my little sanctuary now.

Without further ado.

I got these for over the bed.

I am in love with this accent pillow.

New nightstand.

Got window treatments put up.

And a better close-up of the bedding.

I realize flowers may not be everyone's cup of tea, but this is so me. And I love all the colors together.

Just love it.