Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Shutting it down.

I'm not going to be all dramatic, but the title speaks for itself. At the end of the week, this blog will be no more.

Just out of respect for those that have and are reading, just didn't want to disappear and not say anything and that be that.

There are multiple reasons for this. Too many to get into, ha! But if you'd like to keep in touch, you can jot down my email that is on the right hand side of my blog.

For those of you who have read my blog and are currently reading my blog and click over to keep up with little ole' me, thank you for that and I love you for it.

This blog was a special and unique part of my life and the friendships I made through this little space of the internet will be a huge part of what I take away from this.

I hope that each of you could take something away from this blog, my words, and my heart and pray that it always came across in the way I intended.

May God bless you ALL abundantly...


Monday, January 7, 2013

Biggest Loser Blogger Challenge: Week 1

Out of all the posts I have written, this is one of the ones I’m most excited and proud of.
It’s a new year. The slate is clean. With the new year it seems to make the impossible seem possible with the 365 days ahead of you.
One of the things I’ve always struggled with is body image. Not in a huge way but enough to where I didn’t/don’t feel comfortable in my own skin.
When January 1st rolled around I was already getting myself mentally prepared to make a change. So that’s when I was excited to see that my friend Becky was doing the Biggest Loser Blogger  Challenge (click here) January-March. It’s just the motivation I needed.

I wanted to post a motivation picture.
This was taken within the last year.
Please realize that this is a horrible picture of me and focus on the niece, ha!! The beach = no makeup for me. But this was the best picture that depicts where I am at right now. Can't believe I'm doing this. My Mom took this and I remember at the time when we went scrolling through the camera to look at pictures I was mortified, but was never at the place mentally to make a difference.

Time to make a change.
My current weight I’ll share is 130. Nothing drastic....but there is obesity on my dad's side of the family and with my short height of 5’2” weight gain is noticeable and have a few things recently I cannot fit into that I’m determined I will again and just don't want to let myself go there. Whether you just want to take your body back and feel more comfortable or a drastic weight change, regardless it's your journey.
So in sharing that… here’s what I’ll be doing this week for food throughout the week and exercise and wanted to track it here each Monday and document my progress... As it's a part of the challenge. I have about 10-15 pounds I would like to lose. I may or may not meet my weight loss goal by finish, but it will be a heck of a start.

For Breakfast- Eggs with avacado and breakfast bars.

For lunch – Tuna with wheat thins and salad

Dinner – Healthy sandwiches, apples w/ peanut butter

Snacks- Bananas, oranges, nuts, fruits, rice cakes, avocado, bell peppers/cucumbers with ranch
Of course all this is subject to change and not the same thing everyday, but I'll be switching it up each day. Might add/subtract but the goal is for it to ALL be healthy. If you have any other good quick meals for a person on the go or want to share healthy snack options, please share.

  I wanted to add that with my schedule I work full time and go to school three nights a week. So very easy to eat on-the-go and pick up that hamburger or French fries. But that’s all going to change. Also, my goal is to also not eat so late, but to eat on my way to school or while I’m at school. Got in such a bad habit of eating when I got home. Another goal is to stop eating when I’m satisfied vs. still eating while I’m full. And I snack on complete junk, enough said. Also, the fact I have a 8-5 desk job and sit all day and sit all night at school is not working in my favor... just sayin!
Also, I’ve quit soda and I'm drinking water. Haven’t had it since December 31st. I’ve cut out sweets and pasta/carbs as well. And of course I’ll treat myself on the weekends.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I will be doing the c25k workout program. You can download the app. on your Iphone. I actually started this before and so last week I started at week 3 because I already had a foundation. Of course these days could vary throughout the week, but I’ll always put in 3 days of this. This morning I started at week 4, day 1. Also, every Saturday I will be doing Zumba class.
I feel this is a good start though.
Again, any helpful tips will be appreciated.
If you’re wanting to make a change like me, please go by Becky’s blog and join us.
I’m so excited about this and what a great way to keep me accountable.

So here's to my journey to taking my body back, eating healthier, and feeling better in my skin.

Not looking to win this thing, but just a start to being healthier.
Wish me luck!!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year...New Me.

Happy New Year…..

We are three days into the New Year. I’ve been kind of going over in my head what I want this blog to mean to me in 2013 and the roll I want it to play.

I really want to be more intentional about blogging this year. I have a deep urging that it’s important for me this year. I feel deep down that this year isn’t going to be just another ordinary year. I truly and honestly believe it’s going to be “MY” year.

It will be the year I take back my body. Starting January 1, 2013, I started the c25k running program. I started it once before but don’t think I was where I needed to be at mentally to follow through with it. I’m logging my workouts on instagram for accountability. Also, starting January 1, 2013, I stopped drinking soda. It’s only 3 days without soda, so ask me in about a month how my withdrawal is going, ha. And again, this is something else I’ve also tried but could never do it. I’ve realized that you have to “want”  it in order to follow through with anything. I need to take care of the body and temple God has given me and it starts with watching the food I eat and what I’m putting into my body and exercise. I really feel like I have the mentality, determination, and the faith in myself that I can actually do it this time.  

I am currently on break from school right now and will be starting back next week to finish up my last semester. It’s been a long journey and court reporting school has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life. But I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and praise God he’s been faithful to see me through to the END. For the first time in a long time I'm excited for what the future holds and the doors and opportunities that will be opened up to me and the people I’ll meet once I get out into the career field and out from behind a 8-5 desk job that I needed to leave like yesterday, but with that said, praise God I have a job.

Spiritually, I pray that 2013 will be the year I draw closer to God like never before. I want to seek him first in all that I do. I know I can’t do any of this without him and that starts with staying in his word and grounded in him. I am his child and I want to spend 2013 going deeper into discovering the depths of his love for me so that I, in return, can go and love others and love well and be the best daughter, sister, friend, etc.... but most of all to be the best Lauren I can be. There is so much work yet to be done in me. God knows my struggles. I don't think he's ever done perfecting us.

I began to think about what my word for 2013 could be that I can hold on to, reflect on, and instantly the word “Acceptance” came to my mind.
Accepting God’s love for me, accepting how God created me to be, accepting myself, accepting God’s will for my life and that his ways are not always my ways. Oh that list could go on and on.
This is a good start.
A new year, a new me.
And hopefully I can spend 2013 blogging all about it :)