Wednesday, March 30, 2011

C25K- Week 2 & OOTD.

Okay, so I realize that my post lately have been few and far between, and trust me, this isn’t going to become strictly a running blog, ha. And honestly, it’s just been nothing but school, work, and exercise for me, ha! So in keeping up with my c25k updates. Here you go:

So, I just finished up my second week of c25k.

I can honestly say I’m LOVING it. The waking up at 5am, not so much. But with that said, when my run is finished I am REALLY glad I did it and makes waking up early worth it.

I’ve been keeping with the schedule that I posted previously and have two weeks down. WooHoo!!!

I’ve noticed that the running has become easier. Trust me, nowhere near where I should be.

In fact, today I feel like I could use a wheelchair. Between the shred and running, ouchy ouch. No pain, no gain, right??? :) But I don’t seem to get winded as easy and trying to perfect my breathing. It’s a work in progress.

38 days until my first 5k.

I say, bring it on c25k, week 3.

How is this for a thrilling post? I promise to do better.

I just never thought I’d be on my way to a 5k and running, and just want to document it for me.

And just because, my outfit of the day. Yay for spring, and yay for dresses!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Vlog on the blog :)

Cannot believe I'm posting this.

I'm a total dork. LOL!

And sorry for the obnoxious way in which I constantly use my hands, haha!!!

Hope y'all still love me after you watch this :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


The last post I left off with was telling you about my upcoming first 5k that I signed up for. When I hit that publish button on that post, I knew I was locked in, and since then I’ve hit the ground running (no pun intended, ha).

Last Friday after I got off work I went to Target and purchased a cheap MP3 player and went home and downloaded the c25k (couch to 5k). Oh my gosh, the best thing EVER for inexperienced runners, seriously!!!

This is what my training schedule looks like:

Saturday: c25k
Sunday: off
Monday: c25k
Tuesday: Shred with Jillian Michaels (aka: the beast)
Wednesday: c25k
Thursday: Shred with Jillian Michaels
Friday: off

I am happy to report that I’ve completed my first week of c25k and I survived. This is huge for me y’all!!! I woke up at 5 am every morning on my workout days and I did it. The c25k is only three days out of the week, and thought it would be good to throw the shred in there on the off days. So Saturday will start the second week of c25k and with each week you progressively build up your running time and what I love about c25k and the podcast I downloaded is it signals when to switch from walking to running and vice versa. So there’s no having to watch the clock and time yourself. I just love it!

I actually feel like I can do this. I’m so excited. So I figured I could use Wednesdays on the blog to update you about my progress and you can be on the journey with me to my first 5k.

I just cannot say enough good things about the c25k. Do any of y’all have experience with c25k?

And for the record, I don’t care what people say, blog/twitter “friends” are friends in every way that counts. I feel so blessed. A group of us have started c25k at the same time and have become each other’s support system and encouragement. It so helps to know that we are not alone and to have that accountability.

Therefore, having so vast a cloud of witnesses surrounding us, and throwing off everything that hinders us and especially the sin that so easily entangles us, let us keep running with endurance the race set before us,looking off to Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of the faith, who, in view of the joy set before him endured the cross, despising its shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. Heb. 12:1,2

Happy Hump Day!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Finishing Strong!

Well, I did it. I officially signed up for my first 5k run!!

I do not claim to be a runner by any means. Honestly, running has never been fun for me at all. Exercise in general I lack. But, there is something to be said for crossing that finish line, and that will be my goal.

Only once have a signed up for a race, but I backed out. Not this time. From what everyone has told me, once you complete that first race, you are hooked.

I just have to DO IT.

So doing it I am.

I have exactly 8 weeks. With also working and going to school, I’m just going to do my best to prepare for this.

Also, I’ll be doing it alone. Just feel I need to. I know a lot of people would think of doing it with someone for the motivation. But this is personal for me, and just feel like I need to set out to do this on my own.

I’m not looking to have the best time. To be the fastest person. But just want to be able to say I did it.

“It is not measured by how fast we sprint away from the starting line. No! Victory is won by running the full race, finishing strong, and crossing the finish line.”

Happy St. Patty’s Day! Did anyone else forget their green like I did?? :(

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Downtown Disney!

This past weekend was just gorgeous!!! Sunday I spent some time at downtown Disney. There’s a bunch of shops and restaurants and it was just nice to be outside.

We ate lunch at the Rainforest Cafe.

So yummy!!

Then I came upon this...

Disney felt the need to remind us of how many days there are till Christmas!! I think I felt my blood pressure rise when I saw this and should immediately start my shopping, ha! I went into this Christmas store and made a small purchase and went to go leave and the lady wished me a Merry Christmas!

Aye yi yi!!

Unfortunately these are the only pics I got of the day! I don't care how old you are, Disney always makes me feel like a kid again.

PS: My small purchase was a Lady & The Tramp Disney ornament. It will always be my favorite Disney movie ever!

Monday, March 14, 2011

I've found myself..

Growing up in Florida, it’s easy to take this Sunshine State for granted.

I’ve found myself complaining about the heat.

I’ve found myself complaining of the lack of seasons we have.

I’ve found myself longing for a change of scenery and to experience someplace different.

I’ve found myself not content with where God has me right now.

I’ve found myself not recognizing the beauty that surrounds me.

But Saturday…

I stopped for a moment, and I’ve found myself in awe.

It’s then I realize that God is so much bigger than me. His beauty, far greater than I could ever imagine.

The beach is my happy place. There’s no other place where I feel closer to God. It’s a place where I instantly feel peace. It’s a place where with each crash of the waves I feel like it’s carrying away each worry, doubt, and fear. I realize that he knows the number of grains of sand, just as he knows the number of hairs on my head.

This weekend, I’ve found myself extremely grateful.

Genesis 1:31 - God saw Beauty in what he created. And God saw all that He had made, and behold, it was very good.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Oh, the irony....

Ironic that yesterday on my blog post, I jokingly made the comment " I realize there are more important things going on in the world"...

And today friends, there is.

Pray for everyone in Japan and everyone affected by this earthquake and Tsunami... For Hawaii and the Pacific Coast of the US as well.

I truly believe with all this stuff going on in the world, as horrible as it is, God uses this to wake us up, call us to action, and seek his face.

Don't stop praying!

Psalm 34:18 - The Lord is near to the brokenhearted, and he saves those who are crushed in spirit.

Let today be a reminder to count your blessings!!

Have a good Friday and wonderful weekend!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

New dress code for biker chicks!

I realize there's more important things going on in the world.

But I'm riding along yesterday after I get off work, and this is what I see and yep, took a picture. Ha!!

Classy, just classy!!

A good majority (or safe to say ALL the majority) of people who read my blog are women.

This is my pet peeve. Why do women walk out of the house like this???

Cover the bra straps people!!!

Just sayin, but I didn't write the dress code for motorcycle chicks!!

But for the love, whoever did, make an amendment to it!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wordless Wednesday- Ash Wednesday

I love the whole concept of Ash Wednesday and lent season, and it leading up to Easter and the celebration of Jesus and his resurrection.

With that said… For lent, do you think I could give up work??? The break would be nice! Ha! :) Just sayin!

But don’t think that would fly with my boss.

In all seriousness, are you giving up anything for lent? If so, what??

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Please pray!

Hi everyone!

Y’all are amazing on the prayer front.

So just wanted to ask that y’all be keeping my friend Monica and her sister Suan, who is also my friend, and their family in your prayers.

Last week something horribly tragic happened. Monica’s cousin’s son who is three years old was beaten to death by his son’s Mom and her boyfriend. And all because he went his pants. I will never ever begin to understand why stuff like this happens.

I can only imagine the grief the father must be feeling. There’s way more to the story, but this was so senseless and unfathomable. It was on the news and everything and the mother and boyfriend confessed and they are being faced with charges of first-degree murder, aggravated child abuse, and child neglect.

I believe they are having the funeral for sweet Noah today. Would you please be lifting them up today??

There’s a special place in heaven for that sweet boy!!

Thank you!

Psalm 46:1 ” God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble “.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Think you've got it bad??

Here's a little perspective.

Take a few minutes out of your day to watch this video.

Nick Vujicic will be visiting our church this Sunday!! What a testimony he has!! What a service it's going to be.

Today, I'm thankful to be able to walk. I'm thankful that I have arms and hands to hug my family and friends.

Oh, the things we take for granted.

And I realize, I don't have it that bad.

But you know what, I would sincerely hope that even if I didn't, that I'd still be able to praise and love my God anyways, and have that same attitude as Nick has.

Beautiful story.