Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Randoms.

  • Today is 11.11.11 ... How cool is that? Wonder how many babies are scheduled to be born today or how many weddings will take place.
  • Thankful for our Veterans today past, present, and future. I will be forever indebted to them for their sacrifice and duty to our country. I have to work today, BOO! But that's not what it's about. Thank a Veteran today.  

    • It's Friday, WooHoo. And I have nothing really on the agenda this weekend. I purposely did that, ha! 
    • A few bloggers have put together an ornament exchange. SO fun! Go by here and sign up! November 14th is the last day.
      • You may or may not have already seen this. But Erin and Nina are doing a Random Acts of Kindness challenge. I was able to mark something off the list yesterday. It felt good. It's the time of year to give back and sometimes we just need to take the focus off ourselves. Click over to their blogs and print off this printable.
      • Treat yo' self!!!!!!! Name that show??? And it was soooooo good!!! 
      • Woke up today and Brrrrr, it was cold outside. (Remember I live in the Sunshine State) :)
      • Just realized exactly seven months till my birthday (June 11th), but who is counting, LOL!
        • I'm really excited because I have a few servicemen I'm able to send some Christmas love to this year.  I can only imagine how lonely it is overseas around the holidays! It's always nice to know someone is thinking of you back home.
        • This week was very disheartening because Revenge was not on TV this week. Seriously??? How can they keep us hanging like that? It was just getting good up in the Hamptons. This show is like a drug! Any Revenge lovers out there???

          • Who watched the CMAs this week???? 
          This girl can wear anything and look stunning!!!
          • I'm really loving all these thankful statuses I'm seeing going around Facebook the month of November. It's a nice change from all the whining and complaining you see on there. Puts things in perspective, and a good reminder that we ALWAYS have something to be thankful for. Wouldn't you agree?
          • Watch this little girl's reaction to finding out she's going to Disney. Guaranteed to make you smile today!! 
            • Y'all, our office mailman, bless his heart, wears a toupee. I just keep waiting for the next really windy day. Ha! I've been racking my brain ALL week trying to think of how I can discretely get a picture. Just don't think it's possible, ha! 
            • Thought this was fitting for today! Goooooo Gatorssssss and beat South Carolina this weekend!! :)

              • All I have for you folks. Have a wonderful Friday and awesome weekend


              Aishlea said...

              Today's date is really neat and I bet a lot of people are getting married today! Cohen's birthday was 1-1-11 and I thought that was cool, too. I don't think we will ever forget it! :) (Not that I would be able to anyway! haha)

              Lindsey said...

              Wow Carrie looks so pretty! I am so mad I missed the CMAs, I hope they replay it this weekend!

              Kyla Makay said...

              11/11/11- 11:11! WISH BIG :)

              And yes, thank you veterans! Both my parents are veterans.


              Linds said...

              well, I have to say that Carrie looks a lot better in that dress than in the outfit she wore right before the end of the CMA's. Drew and I both looked at each other with a state of disbelief!

              Happy 11-11-11 to ya!

              Anonymous said...

              These are lovely random's. And I agree with the thankful statuses on FB. Nice change from the constant negativity :b

              Elizabeth said...

              I LOVE Revenge also!! Didn't think I would get this hooked on it. :)

              I am loving the positive thankful FB statuses also!!

              Enjoy your weekend!

              Unknown said...

              I love this post :-) And also, i love parks and rec and "treat yoself"

              Perfectly Imperfect said...

              dude. the disney video made me cry. what is wrong with me?!

              Rachel said...

              LOOOOOVE the Parks & Rec reference here :)