Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sister night with Blake Shelton.

This past weekend Blake Shelton was in Florida to play at the Strawberry Festival down in South Florida on Sunday.
Turns out his people contacted a local country music bar in Sanford called the Barn, outside of Orlando, and he wanted to do a surprise FREE concert on Friday night. Um, hello, you will not hear us complain. I live in Sanford, so call this fate if you will. My sister and I were all up on this. Blows my mind that a big name such as Blake Shelton would want to do this, as he never plays bars, but if you're reading this Blake (which the odds of that are like my odds of winning the lotto) THANK YOU!!!!! You made two girls VERY happy!

We made some friends and this was a great photo bomb, ha!

Well, hellllloooooo handsome. Mr. Blake Shelton everybody.
We pretty much had AMAZING spot!

The only thing better would have been if Miranda Lambert were there.
What a fun, fun night. It was such an intimate setting and such great music and did I mention free? Craziness! The Barn was trying to keep it on the down low but hello this is Blake Shelton!!!! So the radio got wind of it and it just kind of blew up. Can't believe he came to our little ole' town.
Come back again anytime, Blake!!!!!


Aishlea said...

I loooooove Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert! :) How cool to get to see him! I would love to see them both in concert!

Rebecca Jo said...

You & your sister look so beautiful!

I love when BIG artist do small places like that. lady gaga went to a local bar in downtown here one time... it made the big times on YouTube & even got on the news! :)

Glad you got to go & had those amazing seats!! Was he as tall as he seems on TV?

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

What an awesome experience!!!

Janna said...

so fun! I had a bunch of friends that were there! I was supposed to work- got there and they were over a nurse so I got sent home and my friend didn't get off work till 9- needless to say- we were both disappointed, but we did get to see him on Sunday at the Strawberry Festival! Such a great artist!

Sweet Simplicity said...

That looks like a great venue for a concert!