Friday, May 15, 2009

There's no place like home!

Home: A.K.A being the office! I am at the office more than I'm at home and the people I work with are like my second family. Heck, at times I see them more than my own family, haha!

I work at such a great office, I'm truly blessed. I've been at the law office going on six years in June and started when I was 18 and will be 25 next month (So Megan, if you're reading this, I'll be hitting my quarter life crisis myself here pretty soon, haha). My employers have fully supported my court reporting endeavor. And I really couldn't have asked for a better place to work.

Yesterday the lawyers took us out for lunch to Chili's for a belated Administrative Assistant's Day luncheon. One attorney particular was in charge of getting the cards for us... and this is what I got (with $55 included, aren't they the best?)

Nope, your eyes are not deceiving you. This is a graduation card, haha! The attorney couldn't find any cards for Administrative Assistant's because the day had already passed, so he just picked any ole' random card for each of us ladies. So there was a card for a grandpa, husband, anniversary, daughter, and graduation in the midst, haha!!!! How funny! It gave us all a good laugh and added some humor and it would be so typical of this attorney!!!! LOL! Got to love him! And got to love the $55 :)

I wasn't able to get but a couple of random pictures because the luncheon was a quickie. So here are the few I got...

One of the nicest lawyers you could ever work for. He's showing us his dance moves. The picture doesn't do it justice because it was hilarious!

My co-worker Cristina. I love her!!!

This is all I got :o(

In keeping with the subject of the office, do I have a story for you. And when I heard this, my immediate thought was this is so going on the blog.

So yesterday I answer the phone and it's a client of ours who is going through a really bitter divorce with his soon to be ex-wife. At the time he called the the lawyer was in court and his secretary had to step out of the office. So he's really frantic and says this is an emergency and please have one of them call me as soon as you can! So the call ended and the secretary calls him back and she later comes up to me and says "Lauren, do you want to know what the BIG emergency was?" And if you're drinking something right now, put it down, because I'd hate to see the mess that will come out of your nose, and if you don't think it's funny there's something wrong with you, and I'm sorry, haha! Turns out the client was having someone come into town that would be staying at his house and would be using one of his couches that folds out into a bed and when he went to go pull out the couch, it turns out that his wife had filled the couch with raw salmon, yes...raw salmon, people, and it all came spilling out, hahahaha!!! So I came to the conclusion that a.) the ex-wife has a key to the house or b.) the wife put the salmon there before she left the house prior to the filing for divorce and the husband just has a really bad nose and can't smell a darn thing, because come on, who can't smell raw salmon???? So that my friends, was the big emergency and never in my life did I know that salmon=emergency. Bless his heart! Never a dull moment in the law office, wouldn't you say??

I'm going to be MIA this weekend. It's got to be a productive one and as much as I love you peeps, I must break away, haha! There's a bathroom to be cleaned, clothes to be put away, laundry to be done, car to be cleaned, room to be cleaned, and etc..And the rest of the weekend is going to be busy too! Will the madness ever end??

Oh, and how AWESOME was Grey's Anatomy last night???? Completely AWESOME!!!

Have a GREAT weekend!!! :)


Kelsey said...

Sounds like you're blessed with an awesome workplace! Oh and Grey's seriously was awesome!

Rebecca Jo said...

OK - laughing throughout your blog! First the cards - that is great - just grabbing whatever! Then your dancing little lawyer! How adorable is he? Then the SALMON story??? Oh my gosh... I cant imagine... I'm sure it felt like an emergency to him... can you imagine dead fish everywhere! A scene out of a horror movie!!!

Oh - GREY'S!!!! I totally freaked out about the 007... I did a loud GASP!!!! And the end... I totally teared up... cant wait to see next year now!

Whitney said...

What nice bosses you have! I am dying about that fish story - GROSS!

yours truly... said...

LOL!! That's so bad but oh so funny!!! Thanks for the warning!!!

It makes the days go by so much better when you enjoy the people you work with!!!! Now, hand over the $55!!!!!

Enjoy your weekend sweet girl!!

Niki said...

The salmon story was hilarious!!

Kristen said...

I think the card idea is the greatest! That is too cute!! And the salmon, uh yeah, how did he not smell it!?! Have a great weekend!

jlc said...

A.) You're too funny about the salmon.

B.) Grey's rocked my world last night. How shocked were we about George?

C.) SOOO LUCKY to have incredible bosses

D.) You sound fabulous and I'm a new follower!

Have a great weekend lady! :)

Megan said...

I hope you don't go through a QLC!!! :-)
Grey's was awesome, completely sad, but awesome!

Becca said...

You are so blessed to love where you looks! :-) also I love the graduation card - haha!

Terry said...

What an amazing work place you have . Such a blessing to work with ohters who want to work together. Congrats on the Graduation Card :) LOL
I can't believe the Salmon :)
What a mess.
You certainly have potential for endless stories for your blog .
Have a wonderful weekend.

Jacquie said...

That was SO funny! I read that salmon story to my husband.

Have a productive, fun weekend.

Kristen said...

I have an award for you over on my blog :)

Jessica Turner said...

you won on my blog - email me!

smile steady said...

hahahaha! I was not expecting raw salmon. Gross.

Found you through Newlywed... cute blog!

Kendra said...

ha! That is hilarious!!!!
I love the graduation card too, what a crack up!!

Justin and Jessica said...

Thanks for a great laugh ... loved the card and also the salmon story!

Your tatoo looks great ... I saw the pictures on facebook. Was it painful?