Thursday, May 7, 2009

A teachable moment!

I had quite a revelation yesterday! Yesterday morning I texted my sister and just said I hope you have a better day today because her day before was not all that good. And apparently neither was yesterday. We texted back and forth and they weren’t very nice and you could just tell she REALLY was not having a good day.
My sister and I are 7 years apart, different as night and day, but we love each other and would do anything for each other. We’re just at different stages in life and so it’s hard to relate at times on the same level, so our relationship has been rocky at some points, but I feel truly blessed to call her my sister and she’s such a gift in my life.

I, at times, can be sensitive by nature and my yearning is to be more sensitive to the Holy Spirit. So with that said I really thought long and hard about how I was going to reply back to her text messages, because I wanted to say something snappy back to her. Again, I sat there for a moment, and then it hit me and I thought to myself… Lauren, you have a choice as to how you’re going to respond to this… you can either say something rude back and add to her already rough day, or you can show compassion and turn her day around and this was my response…

“I know you are having a bad day so I am going to overlook your rudeness. Love you and hope your day gets better.”

Instead of going with my flesh, I chose to be sensitive to her and not take the remarks personally, and then I prayed for her and cried a little, because I could feel her pain. I may not understand everything she goes through but I know being in high school is not easy these days and all the stuff you have to deal with and our high school journey’s were completely different…but she is going to be heading to college this fall and a whole other beautiful world awaits her out there.

I say all this because I’m sure all of you have dealt with similar circumstances like this with different people that come into your life. They may not always say what you want to say and it might sting a little, and they might not always act the way you’d like. But I ask, how are you going to react to it? I would say, react with a little more compassion and don’t be so quick to come back with a comeback that could sting them just as well…

Because in the end, it’s all about that teachable moment!

So yeah, I just woke up this morning realizing that I have school tonight, won’t get home till late, and still have to pack for New York tonight when I get home. And did I mention that we have to leave the house at 4am tomorrow morning? So do the math as to what time we actually have to wake up. Fun stuff :o)

As I was driving on my way to work this morning, looked down at my legs, and to my dismay, totally forgot to shave and the legs, TOTALLY exposed. Just sayin! And keeping it real here. Nevertheless, they will be completely hidden under the desk today unless absolutely necessary. And hopefully no one will be looking and if they are, what are they looking at my legs for anyway?

Oh, and not to mention that I have a fever blister on my lip the size of Texas. TOTAL cuteness! Which means no lipstick, double whammy!!

I should be posting again before I leave and will be giving you a tour of my living room to participate in Kelly’s “Show us where you live Friday” :o)

Thank you for the perfume ideas! I know everyone's tastes are different, but it was great getting suggestions!

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yours truly... said...

Like I said, everything is bigger and better in Texas...even leg hair!! LOL!! :)

Love your response to that text, I'm afraid I would get called a smart-ass if I used it...but I'm going to try it, and really mean it. Because I have days like that allllll the time with different people in my life! :)

Happy "hairy" Thursday!! LOL!, I couldn't resist! :)

Rebecca Jo said...

Good teaching moment... my memory verse this month is

James 1:19-20 & it talks of that exactly - being quick to listen & slow to speak... giving time for the Holy Spirit to tell you what to say... good for you!!

Whitney said...

Just keep those legs under the desk girl! Ha! No one will notice! Have so much fun in NY!! I'm jealous, again!

Rachael said...

Lauren, what a beautiful choice you made with your little sister! Hurting people are not always loving and it shows that your love walk is maturing to be able to take that step back and think about the big picture before your respond to someone who has been hurtful. Keep loving her! God is going to heal that pain she is going through and you will be amazed how the little things that you do will be things that will stick with her and help the Lord in the process of bringing her out.
Hairy legs huh-LOL! We have all been there! Hold your head up high honey-LOL!!!!!

Juliet said...

Haha you are so funny - I had a fever blister a few weeks ago and it was just not good. So annoying!

I am so impressed with how you handled your sister. Making the choice to be loving rather than hurtful is something I am strugging with right now. Everyday I try to be really attentive to my choices and to choose what Christ would want. It is not always easy (understatement) but no matter what, I always am happy when I make the right choice.

Sounds like you have a lot to do today and tonight -- I'll say a special prayer that it goes smoothly!

Shannon said...

wow an awesome post! You are SO right...compassion can go a long way. And you never know what someone is struggling with and taking out on you. I actually read a similar article on this where you never know what's behind that rude waitress, or snappy saleslady...people carry a lot of baggage (sp?) in this world. My goal is so everyone the love of Christ even if it's thru a simple "thank you" after they throw my food at me ;)
And don't worry about the hairy legs..haha. I always shave my legs and skip over my knees. I HATE when I do that. lol. Have a great day, friend! :)

Emily said...

ahhh... i love your outlook on life and how you handle situations.. you are an amazing girl! Also.. i am wearing shorts today and oh girl.. i have to shave! have too!

Jacquie said...

Good for you for thinking it out and not letting your emotions take you to an unpleasant place with your sister. The teen years are tough... she's lucky to have you to help her through it.

Rough day, hairy legs AND a cold sore!!

Heather said...

You are so sweet and you just seem to handle everything with such grace. Way to go girl and not to give in to what might have been easier!

My name is Megan... said...

hope all your sisters days get better!!! I'm terrible at shaving and realizing when it's too late! haha

Born 4 Heels said...

Haha well two things:
1) I have a younger sister (6 years apart)and we are both opposites too

2) I remembered to shave once, but was rushing and did the same leg twice... I am not sure what is worse

Terry said...

Thank you for the hairy report !
You would think at my age I could just let go ,but no I had to improvise.
I had not realized that I had forgotten to shave my legs and was already dressed to go out to dinner with my son.(so made excuses changed clothes)
Didn't want to embarrass myself.
Put on floor length sun dress with sandals to cover up hairy legs , wouldn't ya know it the wind was kicking up big time .Oh well.Dress blew up as soon as I opened the car door so glad my son was already inside ! Never did tell him why people were staring and grinning.
Worse things can happen .
Hope you get some rest and have a pleasant flight .

Jenna said...

i love teachable moments - although they never seem that fun doing the moment. but as we know they are invaluable, and i know your sister appreciated your compassion. rough days are no fun!

good luck packing and have fun on your trip!

Kelsey said...

Ah, what an important lesson to learn. It's awesome that you were able to take a step back and really think before replying. Good for you!

Loree said...

Ah yes...if we could just think before we speak sometimes, then the world would be a better place for all of us.