Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Today, 4 years ago, my brother married his wife and my sister-in-law Alicia!

It was in 2005 and I remember I was working that night and they called me while I was working because they had come over to the house for dinner with the rest of the family so they could talk with them, but I had to work :o( We knew something was up and then they called me with the announcement that I would be gaining a sister-in-law and would become an Aunt that October. They got married on May 28, 2005 and my niece was born October 27, 2005.

and now look at her.....

After my niece was born, Alicia took a year off from work to stay home with her. My niece will be 4 years old this year so she's been back to work for awhile now, she works at the Property Appraisers Office at a local courthouse. My brother is in the car business and he's amazing at what he does and thrives in it. He's a great provider for his family and they have made a beautiful home for themselves filled with tons of love. And at the end of the day, they have a lot of blessings to count!

Alicia has truly been a God sent to our family and has become like a sister to me. She is perfect for my brother and vice versa. And not only that but she's the only one who can put up with him, haha! They are great partners in marriage and wonderful parents. I just hope that whatever storms may come their way, that they can ride it out together! And I know they will! She has taught my brother how to be a better man by the unconditional love she shows and my brother without even having to say words has his own way of showing his love.

So here's to maaaaaany more years of laughter, love, and walking this journey called life together! Happy Anniversary!