Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My weekend in pics!

Well, this weekend was jammed packed with fun, so here it is in picture style :)

Saturday, as I told you, we held a shower for my BFF Monica, and it turned out so great. Monica and I are high school friends and have remained friends ever since. She's a second grade teacher, it's so funny that both of my BFF's are teachers. She loves what she does and I'm so proud of all that she has accomplished and I was honored when she asked me to be in her wedding. I know she will be one of those lifetime friends!

Here's the future Mr. and Mrs. Greg Matthews :)

So enjoy the pictures from the shower:

The bride-to-be!

The advice box for Monica where we could write down our advice and stick it in there!

The centerpieces on the tables!

The bride's table!

The cupcakes were my job and they turned out so stinkin cute. I wish I could take credit for them, but I can't. I wish though! haha!

The bride with her bridesmaids :)

Us again but this time including Terri, the future sister-in-law of the bride!

Monica and her sister!

I love her!

Monica and Jennine!

Monica got some amazing gifts! Can I get married please??? haha!

These were so precious! She received these for her and Greg to use at the wedding for the toasts. It has their name and wedding date on it!

Monica opening my gift!

This is a veil we made for her out of the ribbon and bows from the gifts. She has to wear it for the girls day coming up before the wedding and at the rehearsal, along with the sash! ha!

And it even had a train, ha!

And we played a couple of cute and fun games and one was where you had to unscramble these wedding words and whoever got the most words won a prize!

And of course we couldn't end it without another cupcake!

It turned out to be such a great time, and now just can't wait for the big day!!!

Here are some pictures from our Memorial Day yesterday!

Water fight, it's on now!

Larry's daughter Christy and I! We hit it right off! And yes I have a suit on, it's just a strapless, haha!

Seriously, could they get any cuter??

It was such a fun day getting to meet Larry's family and get to know them and just enjoy being outside and hanging out! Because I have a feeling this is going to turn into a blended family sometime VERY soon! Just read this e-mail my mom sent me this morning:

"I'm so glad you enjoyed yesterday...Larry and I were just reflecting when everyone left and everything was cleaned up and we were showered as to how blessed we were to have each other, our families, and our future to look forward to. I love him so much Lauren. He is such a wonderful man, father, grandfather, etc. He is so good to me."

If that doesn't make your eyes water, then what will???

So this week is jammed packed with school and work, my sister's Baccalaureate on Thursday night and then Friday we have a whole bunch of family coming into town for her graduation from high school on Saturday and then we're throwing a party for her afterwards and then Monday all the family is going to Disney. I know how much I loved Disney as a child and we're going to be going with two of our cousins who are really young, and so it will be neat seeing it again through a child's eyes!

So there will definitely be tons more pics to come. I'll be back next week! :o)