Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day weekend 2009

Here’s the 411 on my New York trip :o)

Let me start by saying that there is nothing like New York in the spring, absolutely gorgeous! The family we went to go visit is actually family from my sister’s dad’s side of the family. See my sister’s dad passed away when she was just a baby and her dad was from New York, and so my sister has an aunt, uncles, grandparents, cousins, great-grandma (whose 100th birthday we celebrated), and etc. who live up there. They have always treated my brother and I as if we were their own. It’s so special and I will always cherish that and so we’re all like family.

And so the saga begins. On this particular trip we decided to take my grandma with us (my mom’s mom) because it was Mother’s Day weekend and she knows the family up there as well and also that way my mom could spend Mother’s Day with her. I guess I should also say that my grandma has been through a lot of health issues lately. She was diagnosed with cancer not long ago and has been through treatments for that and is finished so she’s on the road to recovery. So we pick her up Friday morning to head to the airport and she wasn’t feeling all that well but we get to the airport and get on the plane and arrive in New York. When we got there we head out to go eat and then get to the house and we all take naps because it was an early morning and we were exhausted. So anyhow, we all wake up and my grandma goes to change and realizes that her leg is completely swollen and discolored and doesn’t look pretty at all. So we felt it was best that we take her to the emergency room. So she was admitted Friday night at the hospital in New York. Here my grandma has not been out of town in years and the first time she goes away she goes to New York to land in the hospital. It turns out she developed a blood clot when she got off the plane (they say this is common in cancer patients). They’re pretty certain it was starting to develop before she left Florida for New York, but the plane ride just probably aggravated it. Which it’s a good thing she was with us and not alone by herself in Florida dealing with this. Although, if she were in Florida, it might not have been that bad.

Like I said, Friday night she was in the hospital. My sister and I left my mom at the hospital with my Grandma and we went and got ready and went with the rest of the family to see a play called the “Odd Couple”. It was very funny and so cute, we had a great time. So we had these plans to go into NYC Saturday but with my Grandma being in the hospital we never made it there. We thought my Grandma was going to be getting out of the hospital on Saturday but she ended up developing a fever and so she had to stay Saturday night as well. So my mom, sister, and I went shopping at a couple of places Saturday and I did sooooo much damage at...

I hadn’t been shopping for myself in a looooong time, so it was a nice little treat. So we left the hospital Saturday and ran around to a bunch of pharmacies trying to get the medication taken care of so my grandma could go home and have the stuff she needed and then Saturday night hung out with the family and ordered in Chinese and then went home to pack and get ready to leave the next day.

The whole time were concerned that my grandma wouldn’t be out of the hospital in time for us to head home Sunday night as planned but thankfully she was released Sunday morning and just in time for all of us to make it to the 100th birthday party, which that in itself made the whole trip worthwhile. How many people can say they went to a 100th birthday party? So my grandma was able to get the medication and go-ahead that she needed to get home and she had an appt. with her doctor first thing Monday morning. So at least we got to go to the party which was the whole purpose of the trip, it’s just the weekend didn’t turn out as planned, but what can you do, right??

So here are some pictures I was able to get in the midst of all the craziness of the weekend, enjoy :O)

I could not get comfortable on the plane but my mom and sister could, haha! My sister's face is covered up, lol. She's sitting next to my mom.

The view of the harbor from the balcony of the beach house where we stayed. Unfortunately didn't get a picture of the house, so cool.

Me with the sis!

My pretty Momma and I :)

My grandma and I after she got out of the hospital!

Three generations!

Keri and her boyfriend Dan!

Brother and Sister!

My sis with Aunt and Uncle!

The birthday girl! She sooo does not look 100 and certainly doesn't act like it!

How cute are these candy bars with this packaging!

I thought this picture was too funny! Danielle with her Uncle Russ!

That's more like it :)

Russ's (is that how you do that or is it Russ', ha?) kids Harry and Wyatt! LOVE them! Soooo adorable!

Make a wish :) Here's to another 100 years!

Mom with Grandpa!

Then after the party it was time to come home. I thought the sky was so pretty coming back. I love flying at night!

Okay, you better be glad I love you because this post took forever, haha!!! It's going to be great because we're going to see most of the New York gang at the end of the month for my sister's high school graduation, and then we're going to take a trip to Disney World. It will be Harry and Wyatt's first time! It's going to be a blast!

Well, yesterday was kind of rough, had to leave school early last night because was having some tummy issues and was not feeling good at all last night but feeling better today. So came home and plopped on the couch and watched Dancing with the Stars and then crashed in bed. I really think it's going to be Melissa and Gilles in the finale, what do you think??


Becca~TimeWellSpent said...

You packed a lot into the trip! Looks like you had tons of fun with your family!

Becca said...

Looks like a fun trip! I love all the pictures - especially your mom and sister on the plane :-) plus those chocolate bars!

Rebecca Jo said...

(First - the first two are from Becca's & now, being a Rebecca - thought it was funny I'm up next to post!)

But wow - 100 yrs old!! That's awesome! She looks like a lively little thing!

poor grandma! Hate she had to spent time in the hospital - but at least she got out in time to head home!!!!

Love all the pictures!
And I'm wanting Shawn & Melissa in the finales... I love Gilles - but hate Cheryl now... the woman gets on my LAST nerve!

Juliet said...

Thanks so much for posting those pictures! You must be tired!

I hope your Grandmother is feeling better, how awful to be away and in the hospital, not fun at all!

My grandmother would be 100 this year also, actually at the end of May. Even though she is in Heaven now, we will be having a 100th birthday party for her anyway!
Looks like it was a great trip and LI was gorgeous -- glad you got some shopping done too!

Ruggy13 said...

It looks like you had a GREAT time! minus the whole hospital thing! glad she's ok though!

Nichele Lynn said...

ok, so next time you are taking ME! haha Looks like a ton o' fun!!

Emily said...

ahhh! Soo FUN! I love all the pictures you guys have... what a fun trip! Hope your grandma is feeling better!!! Sorry to hear you had to make a trip to the ER during your trip! U look sooo soo pretty In all of the pictures!

Whitney said...

SO FUN! That is a lot to do in one weekend!

Lauren said...

I love all of the pictures! Your grandmother is just beautiful! And how cute are those kids? They look like a Ralph Lauren ad!

Shannon said...

I love all the pics!! :) How precious is your family?!? So glad you had a great time in NYC!

Heather said...

Wow what a trip! Glad everything turned out good! Great pictures and those pics from the plane are giving me some tummy issues!! :) Hope you are feeling better!

Loree said...

Wow looks like you had a fun-packed trip even with all the ups and do wns that you had. I would love to visit NY. One day I'll makde it for sure.

Iva said...

wow! looks like you had so much fun!