Saturday, January 31, 2009

The start of the weekend..

First of all, I just have to say that it always seems like the weekends go by quicker and quicker, why is that? I always say that when I become president there will be a mandatory work two days, off five, haha!! President Lauren, like the sound of that ;0)

I went to go see this stud last night :)

This is my sweet Grandpa! For awhile now he's been in a nursing facility. He's in the early stages of Dementia. So I sat with him for awhile and visited.

These are my grandparents dancing at the Christmas party this past year where my Grandpa is staying!

You will find no two greater dancers in the world then them. They use to be professional ballroom dancers and instructors back in the day. I love hearing them talk about it. Please pray for my Grandma, during the midst of dealing with all the stuff going on with my grandpa, she found out she has cancer. She had surgery and the prognosis is good but she's going through radiation and it's uncomfortable for her. So just keep them both in your prayers if you would.

So after I went to go visit him I ate and went and saw a movie with my good friend Tonja...

I know this is a Christmas picture, but the only one I had on my computer, haha!! We went and saw...

It was a pretty good movie and I can totally see why it won the awards it did, but the theater was FREEZING so I had a jacket over me and was curled up in the seat in a comfortable position to keep myself warm, so found myself almost wanting to nod off (it was a dark theater and I was comfortable, and if you know me well you'll know that I'm notorious for falling asleep during movies, not in the theater though usually), haha..But it was a movie that I was so glad I took the time to see because the story was great and it wasn't the typical movie I'd watch, so I was glad I stepped out of the box. I don't know if you all are like this too... but I'll go months without seeing a movie, but then when I do I hit them all up, haha!! I LOVE IT! And then I'm good for the next few months, lol :)

So I thought this was funny. I received an e-mail from Pottery Barn saying they missed me and it was an e-mail for a discount.... My only confusion is, what exactly was it that they missed when I haven't been in their store in ages, not that I don't like it, just haven't been in there, and nonetheless, have no idea how I even got on their mailing list. That's advertising I guess for you, haha!

I'm off to a baby shower this morning for my good friend Carina. I think I might have shared this before but I'll share again. Kind of an interesting story with Carina and I. We went to the same high school but didn't run in the same social group, and really only knew her through my cousin/best friend Melissa who was good friends with her. So of course we hadn't seen or talked to each for a long time. Then we got connected through the social networking and began talking and sharing and she's such a beautiful person and has changed so much (I guess being a wife and mother can do that, huh? ha). Anyhow, we have gotten together a couple of times and was excited to receive an invitation from her. I won't know very many at the shower, and sometimes it's weird in those situations, but I'm sure it will be a good time and all you have to do is mingle, right??? :) She's having a girl and already has a son. So she's set now, ha! I'm sure there will be pictures to come.

Is everyone excited about the Superbowl? What are everyone's plans for the weekend? :)


Melissa said...

Your grandpa is so cute and you are just too sweet!! Hope you have a great weekend!

My name is Megan... said...

cute pictures!!! I love the time with the kids below too :) hope you have a great weekend!!

Holly said...

I hope your grandfather is well. Grandparents are such special people, that photo of them dancing is really cute! :)

Holly said...

Grandpa is darling! I loved seeing pictures of him. I will keep them both in my prayers. Glad you got to get out to the movies and enjoy the shower. Troy is really sick so I'm up late taking care of pukey baby :( Praying for a little bit of shut eye and your grands then it's to bed. No Superbowl plans for us.. good thing