Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Never second guess the journey

In keeping up with my promise to blog more, here you have it.

Okay.... So last night at school was rough. Who ever knew that court reporting school would be such an emotional rollercoaster. This is a journey that I've been on since 2006... I've now determined that the amount of time that I've driven back and forth to Orlando from Leesburg three nights a week for almost going on three years now, I could have driven across the country and back again...... And I've also determined, I want my gas money back, haha!!!! But this is besides the point, back to the emotional PMS'ing (at least that's what it feels like sometimes, haha). I left school just feeling really defeated last night. Why is it that our mind is our own worst enemy? There is so much power in our thoughts. One night I can leave school feeling like I'm on top of the world and the next I can leave feeling like I shouldn't even be there. Then God's ever so gentle voice spoke up and said "stop second guessing the journey". And it's at those times that he'll always sweetly remind me that he has me right where I need to be, and although I may not be able to see what's up ahead, he does and there's always lessons to be learned. So is there something you're second guessing? Maybe the path he has you on, maybe the circumstances you're going through right now?? DON'T. It all for a purpose and leads you to your final destination.

On a different topic. I'm going to miss the first night of American Idol tonight because of school and have yet to get a DVR. I want one SO BAD!!!! Oh well, such is life. The beginning part is okay, but I like it when it starts getting to the good stuff!!!! As a side note, I'm happy to say that I have turned over a new leaf and I have been really consistent with going to the gym since the beginning of the year, except the morning after the championship game between the Gators and Oklahoma and I totally ignored my alarm clock and went right back to sleep. I think God forgives me, because Gators ARE important you know, haha!!! :)

So tonight is another night of school and I'm going into it with a different attitude tonight. I always try to say a little prayer each night before I go in. Only those in court reporting school will know how much the prayers are needed. I feel so fortunate to finally have found some direction with my life, as hard as it's been. And I'm determined that I will get through this, and that the end will soon be near. I just can't wait for the day to be financially secure, have a home to call my own, and find my concrete place in this world. And I'll find it, as I stop second guessing the journey :)

Good day :)

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Jenna said...

AMEN to all of that!! So true! Loved this. :-)