Monday, January 12, 2009


I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! Weekends seem to keep going by faster and faster and the weeks seem to be getting slower and slower, haha. It was a wonderful one. Saturday I went with the girls to go get fitted for Bridesmaid dresses for my best friend Monica's wedding. They are so pretty and they are Jade, which is such an awesome color. Everyone is going to look beautiful, but we can't show up the bride, now can we??? haha!! It was a fun time and then Monica's mom treated us to lunch at Bahama Breeze, yum yum, I had fish with a mango butter sauce. Let me tell you, to die for, you could probably see saliva dripping from my mouth, haha!

Then Sunday I got to meet up with a very good friend, Carina. It's the funniest thing, because we went to high school together but weren't in the same social circle, so our paths never really crossed. But we connected on Myspace and after talking for awhile decided it was finally time to get together and catch and we've kept in touch every since. We've gotten together twice, and each time it's been so nice. She's a wife and mother now and expecting one on the way, so life gets busy, but glad that whenever we can, we can set up a time to get together. We always have great conversation, and it's so nice talking with her because she's at such a different place in her life then I am and we're both the same age. Talking with her and other friends that are married and have kids secretly makes me want both of the above, but then always reminds me that I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be and that in God's timing, it WILL happen, and then I'm secretly grateful that I don't have the responsibilities that come with all that, but then I know that when the time comes, I wouldn't want it any other way :)

So, there you have it for my Monday rambleness :)

Have an awesome day!!!!


Danielle said...

Looking good, although I have a feeling we can make it even better ;)

Have a wonderful week! Talk to you soon!

Jenna said...

You are right - weekends seem to go by faster and faster these days (as do months and years - I'm still coming to terms with it being 09 already, ha!).

Hope your Monday is going well!