Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I wanted to take a minute to introduce you to two important friends in my life. You know you're blessed when you have those certain people in your life that you know were strategically placed there for a reason and make your life all the more better. SO, without further ado:

My cherished friend and cousin Melissa :)

Mel is truly one of a kind. We are cousins and grew up together and went all through school together. She has been one of my constants in this ever changing life of mine. She is amazing and we can laugh together at the stupidest things (we can look at each other and just laugh) and she just really brings ALOT of joy to my life. We have been together through so much. She's just one of those people that really and truly gets me. I love love love her.

And this is my wonderful friend Monica :)

Monica is a true jewel. She and I are so much alike it's scary. We have been great friends since high school. She is another one that gets me. And the funny thing is both Mel and Monica are teachers and love what they do. Monica's friendship is a true treasure in my life. I'm going to be in her wedding in June and I'm so excited to share in that special day with her. I'm so excited for her.

I love you both and thank you for your friendship and looking forward to many more years in sharing in life together :) :)

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Heidi Mitchell said...

You're definitely lucky to have such good friends! We all need them :)