Friday, January 30, 2009

Lady in Waiting!

That would be me, the Lady in Waiting. I’m 24 and single and in a world where it seems like everyone around you is getting married or having kids, that can be kind of hard. God has really been convicting me for quite some time now that I don’t include this area of my life often enough in my prayer life, and I know that I don’t. And how many of you out there can say the same? Can I get an amen?
So I came across this at Barnes & Nobles this week…

I remember hearing about this book and so I decided to go ahead and buy it. I know it’s not the cure all, but I’m really looking forward to reading it and making this an active part of my prayer life. God cares so much about this area of our life. And as the bible says, we’re not meant to be alone. Sometimes it’s so easy to think that God has forgotten about us in the midst of our singleness, but that’s hardly the case. At this very moment he’s preparing my husband for me, and preparing me and my heart for when that time comes. Good things are always worth the with, but how often do we tell ourselves that in the midst of the waiting? So I encourage all of you that might be waiting for that godly husband, the best is yet to come, and in the meantime, be content while you’re the “Lady in Waiting.”


Jess :) said...


Oh my goodness, sister!! You have no idea how much this post means to me right now. I'm 27 and feel the exact same way. In fact, my younger sister will be having her baby within the next few days and has already been married for 3 1/2 years. Often times, all I can think is, "What is my problem?" I do hope (want to say know, but I really don't) that God has someone special for me. However, sometimes, I just get sad thinking about it.

I seriously want to leave my classroom right now (2nd graders will be alright alone for awhile, right?!?) and head to B&N to get it! Guess I might have to wait until after school! I just want you to know that I will be praying for "Mr. Right" to come into your life. I think you are absolutely beautiful and whoever God has in store for you will be one very lucky guy!!

I really hope we can discuss and read this together! :) Thank you for posting about this! You made my day...sounds a little weird maybe, but you did!

Jess :)

Whitney said...

I am RIGHT WITH YOU girl! I go through the exact same thing!!! Maybe I should get that book!
Thanks for the recommendation!

Jess :) said...

By the way...if you want to get a shirt for Harper...just click on the etsy link on my site...under the T-shirt post and it will take you to the place you can order one! Just make sure you order the right size...there are many icons and each icon stands for a different size! Sorry, that's probably really confusing! I can explain better later, but my kiddos are coming in from recess, so I better go! :)

Chelsea P. said...

I don't know either of you girls, but I came across this post a few minutes ago and felt led to comment. I read that book and would definitely recommend it. I wanted to encourage you, though, that this place that God has you in is for a purpose. I know you may feel like you are 'waiting' to get married, but don't mistake this time as wasted. God has you in this period because He can use your more now single than married, and when that changes, God will send you a husband. So even though it's great to look towards the future in hope and expectation, try to focus on right now and what God wants to teach you, how He wants to prepare you, and how He can use you. Satan used similar thoughts when I was single to 'trap' me... I spent time lamenting my lack of relationship (and trying to figure out why I didn't have anyone, and dreaming about when I did...) and I didn't do very much worthwhile for the Kingdom. My guy did come along eventually, and looking back God's timing was perfect (as always!) But now I do regret that time wasted. I think I could have been much more spiritually prepared for marriage- I didn't realize that my time with God would be limited by my time with my husband! Plus after marriage, your focus can no longer be on the community or others, your priority is your family. This is great but can be very time consuming! I do still have time to be involved in other ministries, but that time is very limited.
I realize that each phase can be this way- single longs to be married, married longs to have kids, with kids longs for a break, when the kids are grown they long to have it all back again. Just don't lose perspective that God's plan is perfect, as is His timing. And take advantage of each stage- live each day to the fullest so you won't have regrets and can honor God with each of those days. I'm trying to do that now, so when we reach the next phase, I will be better prepared and have the comfort of knowing that God was able to use me in this time now.
No judgement on you girls- I hope you can sense that. It seems like you both have a lot more wisdom than I did at that point. Just don't be discouraged. Your worth is great, your value is tremendous, and God will honor how you spend this waiting time by allowing you to be more prepared for marriage when it comes. Sorry for the unsolicited advice. I hope God gives you peace as you wait.
(a little about me... wife for five years, mom of three; now 'waiting' on God to direct us towards a career- my husband lost his job and now works 2 part time jobs out of town in order to provide. We miss him, but God is still good, even when life is hard.)

Kaitlyn said...

Oh, I know how hard it is. I know it may seem trite of me to say that, what with me being with Ryan. But it is so very hard waiting on God, in any sense. He will come when God sends him :)

Holly said...

I love this. Thank you for posting. My friend Katie needs to seet his. I'm forwarding you blog to her :) Thank you for writing your heart and not holding back :)

Kim said...

I've read this book and it is FABULOUS! I think you really get a lot out of it! I used to not pray much for a husband...I just thought, God knows I want to get married. The past year or so I've began praying for specific qualities I want in a husband. I think its help me be secure and "okay" with being single for now. I know God has someone for me and for you too!
You'll have to post about what you learn from the book!

Staci said...

Amen sista! I'm 32 and single. The book is great and really helps you focus on getting yourself ready for your mate.

Thanks for being honest and sharing your thoughts!

kate said...

this felt good to read tonight someone else in this big world buys the SAME books I do.

Well, it's Friday night, 7:03 pm, I just took a bath, put on my coveted pjs (you know the kind), poured a glass of wine...and am reading your blog...and sighed to know I'm not alone in this land of marrieds.

I have this book...and I must admit it is good. Like all books - sometimes I read parts - and I think "this is so me" and others I read and think "thank goodness this isn't me"....all and all it is so true. Most of all I have "worked" the book and journaled - while my heart has its desires...its number one will and always be to be with Christ. I know the desires of my heart will be answered. I just know it.

But, we wouldn't be human if when we bought two baby gifts (for example me today at 6 pm) and didn't think..."will my name ever be in the middle of an invitation?"

One more thing I just have to share to this blog world of smart women...I received an email from a former boyfriend (the kind that once hurt you, but then want to be friends for THEIR ego) and it felt REAL good to simply delete the email knowing God is preparing my provision and I need not worry.

I lift up my wine to all of you ladies in waiting for your perfect provision.


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Lauren, I think Kelly blogged about this book one time. It sounds really familiar.

Anyway, I'm thankful for you sharing your heart. No matter what you're waiting for, it's never very fun.

Courtney said...

I just have to say how amazing God is. I have had the toughest time with this all week. I was really sick and when i was laying in bed for 2 days my mind just wondered off and let me tell you Satan was all over making me doubt on this same issue.All my friends are married and they are all precious God stories and when we go out or if i just sit back and watch them it like "HEllo anyone out there for me?" but like you said and knwo God is preparing him right now for you and his timing is always perfect and maybe its not you that God is waiting on maybe God is not done preparing him for you. I might be betraying the ladies out there right now but i think men have it a lot harder when it comes to these things because they are the ones held accountable so i think they need a lot of assurance from God themselves. So back to my week i have to say to Chelsea she is right i was convicted this week that my time needs to not be wasted because God has given me special blessings that i need to recieve in the meantime and that will also better equip me for "MR.RIGHT" so us girls just need to stick together and help eachother through because when the time comes i don't know if we will have enough room to hold all the blessings that God will have for us.hahaha He is so gracious and has He ever steered us in the wrong way?I don't think so...
Antoher GREAT book is on called
"When God Writes Your Love Story"its by Eric and Leslie Ludy i have read it several times so ya'll go check that book out and im going to get this other one.
Im so glad i found this blog tonight it is just more confirmation of what i need to work on.