Thursday, January 15, 2009

Give the gift that keeps on giving

Yesterday, my mom, sister, and I went to go donate blood. I started giving a few years ago and that encouraged my mom to start giving, and my sister (who is 17) went yesterday to tag along. It turns out that my mom's iron, again, was too low, so she couldn't give. That's been happening to us alot the past few times we've been trying to give... We talked my sister into giving and she did awesome and I was so proud of her for giving to such an awesome cause. They made her feel so extremely special and really made a big deal out of it being her first time. Unfortunately, my iron was perfect but I forgot I was on antibiotics for an ear infection and couldn't give. So I'll have to try again in a few weeks, and just keep my fingers crossed that my iron will be okay. I can't even explain the feeling after you leave the blood bank knowing that you helped save a life, sometimes more. It's amazing, and more and more people need to give, so please please, go to your local blood bank and give the gift of life. So nevertheless, my sister was the one who tagged along, and ended being the one to give. It was a GREAT experience for her.

After that I treated to them to dinner here... :) In honor of my sister's first time giving blood...

Ya'll, you have got to go to Cracker Barrell on a Wednesday night!!! They have a chicken and broccoli dish that they only have on Wednesday's and it is OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!! It melts in your mouth and you turn into a puddle of saliva, haha!!!!!

On a final note, how cute are these shoes people????? Believe it or not, these are the shoes to go with the bridesmaid dress that I'll be wearing for my best friend Monica's wedding. $7 at PAYLESS. Can I get a AMEN!!! And they go awesome with the dress!!!!! ;o)

So glad Friday is almost upon us :) I hope everyone has had a good week!!! :)

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