Thursday, January 29, 2009

The day in the life of a Kindergartner :)

I had a wonderful day yesterday reliving my childhood memories. I remember those days when all I had to worry about was asking someone to tie my shoes for me, what color crayon should I use, telling everyone to look at my cool lunchbox, and asking the teacher when we can go out for recess... So this is the day in the life of a Kindergartner...

First of all, I had to bring them some goodies for breakfast, they loved it!!!

Peace out!

They were all dancing, so cute!!

Reading time!

Okay, don't get jealous of my artistic abilities. It's a gift from God, what can I say. Melissa needed help in coloring some things. Why not? Might as well put my talent to use. Beautiful, huh? haha!!

Okay, you see that big ball of red near the cabinets? I had to get a picture of it. This was a kid in time-out and he curled himself up in his shirt. What a mess he was and such a prime example of why you might want to rethink having kids.

Melissa's cute classroom.

Had to get a picture with the kids :)

The wonderful teacher with her kids!

So after our wonderful, fun-filled day we went to see Bride Wars. What a GREAT movie!!! I really suggest you go see it and preferrably with your BFF!!! Such a wonderful movie about friendship. So the movie theater was on one of our local squares which had music going on and for some reason they were singing the Star Spangled Banner, and everyone had their hands over their heart and we were oblivious and as we were driving by there was this one lady that was just belting it out and being very dramatic and we had the window down and my cousin screamed out "Get it lady", haha, little did we know at that moment we were screaming in on a very patriotic moment until we figured out what they were singing, haha! Again, maybe was one of those "you had to have been there moments", but it was hilarious!!!

Then we ate at...

That place is sooooooooo good!!!!! I was in flat bread heaven!!! It was just a wonderful, wonderful day!

Okay, on a sadder note, is anyone else devastated by the fact that they might do away with Saturday postal mail delievery? Being the mail lover that I am, I'm beside myself. Anyone who knows me well, knows that I live for the mail and for checking out. There's just something about opening that box and not knowing what's going to be in the inside. My heart will always belong to snail mail. Okay, I'm sounding a little bit tad on the freakish side, haha :)

As you know I've become very involved with the bloggy world these days and even got myself a blog makeover, I've become just a little but overwhelmed in trying to keep up with everyone's blogs. Has anyone else had that problem when starting off, and how to you help it, haha??


Nichele Lynn said...

So glad you had a blast! I def need to check out Bride Wars!!

Lauren said...

I love your bloggy makeover! I love the butterflies.

One of my friends teaches 3rd grade, and I've read to her class a few times. It's always the most hilarious and humbling experience! I bet they loved those donuts!

a boy a girl and a pug said...

Love the new blog do!! I miss Kindergarten especially the coloring...always my favorite. Loved bride wars too so stinkin cute!

Heather said...

I LOVE YOUR MAKEOVER!!! Sooo cute. I've been feeling one coming for me as well. :)

Becca Stanley said...

I have been wanting to see Bride Wars! :-) I love Kate and Anne (like we're on a first name basis or something) . . . oh and I too live for getting the mail and feel outraged/devastated (ok those might be strong words) that we wont get it on saturday too! :-)
ps - I subscribe to all the blogs I love in Google reader, it makes it much easier to see who has updated etc. And then once a month or so (usually when I feel convicted about spending WAY too much time reading blogs) I go through and unsubscribe from those blogs which I've realized that I just skim or dont really look forward to reading. Hope that helps! :-)

Kim said...

Look like you had a great day! I think those little people are so cute...for one day, that is!

I've seen Bride Wars. I loved it! I'm wanting to go see Rachel Getting Married with Anne Hathaway.

I've just started in the blog world. I've noticed lots of make-overs and really feeing I need one! Amen to having so many blogs to keep up with. If I let it, it can take up my whole evening. Sometimes I just take a day or two off. But, it kills me! ha ha!

Jen said...

Love the blog makeover! The new layout is pretty. :)

As for keeping up with blogs, I second Becca: Google Reader is awesome! You can subscribe to anything with an RSS feed, and if you "follow" sites on Blogger, it's automatically added to you Reader. Definitely try that out.