Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I’m still feeling like crud and at work today, and basically just going to try to survive the day!

This month marked 7 years at the law office I work at as a receptionist. I seriously NEVER thought I’d be here this long. I often wonder why God has me here, and why for so long. Granted I couldn’t be at a better and more supportive job and I know it’s where I’m supposed to be while I finish up school. And ultimately can’t move on to bigger and better things until that’s accomplished.

I’ll come straight out and say it’s not the most fulfilling job in the world. It’s very mundane and I find myself daily frustrated about this. And at times it affects my job performance and my discontentment can roar its ugly head. I feel like this season of my life has lasted way longer than I ever wanted or anticipated. But it’s where God has me at this specific moment in time, and in my heart I know I should be okay with that.

But it’s hard in any season of waiting, whatever the case maybe.. whether it be waiting on that husband, waiting on a child, waiting for a better job… the wait is just hard.

Isaiah 40:31
Yet those who wait for the LORD Will gain new strength; They will mount up with wings like eagles, They will run and not get tired, They will walk and not become weary.

This scripture is perfect for people who are in a period of waiting. It’s a time when we are not weakened but we are strengthened and should be a time of anticipation and not a time of reflection of where we have yet to be and what we have yet to accomplish.

I think another struggle in the area of waiting is the fact that some people’s wait is shorter than our own. Has God forgotten about me? Are they more deserving than me? Does God love them more than me? These are the questions that start running around in our heads and the answer to each of them would be a big NO!

Ecclesiastes 3:1
To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

Chew on that scripture for a minute. There’s a lot of hope it can bring during any season of life you might be going through.

I think I really just needed to write this out for myself. And it just came to me as I sat down to begin another work day during this season of my life where my heart is desperately wanting something more.

And maybe your heart is today as well. Are you happy with where you’re at right now? Is there something you’re waiting on? Share with me and maybe we can encourage each other!


Jenny said...

I work at a Law Office 2! Its a Disability Law Office and its a very hard place to work! But yet I have been here for 4 years! The pay is great and I work with my best friend... And there are good things about it... Mostly the good out weighs the bad... But I still dread coming to work everyday... And that is making it even harder to work here!

These scriptures are great ones!

Aishlea and Brandon said...

Great verses and thoughts for the day.... It seems in my life I've gone from waiting for one thing to another...... everything happens in the perfect timing, but I never understand that at the time!!! I'm so impatient! ;)

Rebecca Jo said...

I think our heart ALWAYS longs for something more, something different, something more ...

hang in there... I'm sure God has you there for a purpose.

Hate you're still feeling so badly. Go hide in the bathroom & take a 5 minute snooze! :) If I were by you, I'd bring you another ICEE

Emma-leigh said...

Waiting is the WORST for me!! Good post girlie

Ms. Emily Ann said...

Hi, just came across your blog, I love it! And, it's great that you are able to find meaning and faith even in what feels like a never ending period of waiting. Thanks for sharing these scriptures :)

Christa said...

Thank you so much for this post. I hate waiting. It's so hard. I'm waiting to find that right guy. I see all my friends in relationships and wonder why is that not me? I'm sure God had a plan though.

Angie S said...

Congrats on being at the same law office for 7 years. That is amazing and something to be very proud of!

Annie said...

i work at a law firm as well ;)
been here 8 years!
good post hun, i like the verses.
i feel like i'm always waiting for something, it's kind of like one thing after another. life is sort of a waiting game...

a boy a girl and a pug said...

thank you for posting those scriptures...i so needed to hear those today. i'm in period of waiting too and it can be so frustrating. hope you continue to feel better!

Justin and Jessica said...

Thanks for the scriptures ... with the past few months we've had, I need to be reminded that there is a season for everything. :)

Hope you feel better soon!

Amy said...

I am not in a season of waiting right now, but believe me...I have been before....my husband and I dated for 11 YEARS before getting married....how's that for waiting? - ha! But, my BFF is walking through a MAJOR time of "Waiting" right now....so I am sending her the link to your blog for some encouragement. Thanks!

Happy Little Camps Family said...

Lauren, this was an awesome blog for me. I, too am in a waiting game. Waiting to a job for Brandon to come through, waiting to be able to be stay in one place so that I can finish school. Thank you for your scripture and I will pray for you during your season of waiting as well :) Thank you, friend!! You are awesome.

Resisting Perfection said...

I can relate to comparing myself with those around me and the "why has God forgotten about me" mentality. It's hard to understand God's timing but those are great scriptures to help us out! Thanks for sharing your heart. I'm a new follower :)

rama said...

I remember the great lines of a great poet, Milton : They also serve who only stand and wait."
Our time will come only when we are ready : no point in hurrying time.
Just like you even I am waiting, however,with the confidence that my time has to come.
It is a good idea to release all your pent up emotions through writing and sharing.
Visit my blogs too when you feel like cheering up a bit.