Tuesday, June 8, 2010

In my weakness, his strength is made strong!

Anyone that knows me well knows I am not big on confrontation! In my opinion it’s a hard thing to deal with. But there’s situations in life that will leave you thinking, wow… I’m really growing up, haha!! I think that especially when I deal with situations that in the past would have been really hard for me before.

But in life, there are things that just have to be confronted. Whether it be situations or people. There’s times when you are being treated unfairly and there comes a point when you just have to say look I’m being treated unfairly and this is how it’s making me feel. There are just those moments when you have to back yourself up and your beliefs.

I had to make a difficult phone call to a family member last night. There was a situation that has been going on for awhile that just needed to be cleared up. It took me forever to dial the number as my heart was pounding.

When I hung up from that phone conversation… nothing was resolved, no questions were answered necessarily but I felt a whole lot better because I said what I needed to say, out of love, and that in itself was a huge weight off my shoulders. The conversation left me more confused than ever and only verified that I need to be praying more than ever for these family members because they are just really confused and lost people.

Yesterday was a huge step for me in growth. Confrontation whether with a friend, co-worker, or family member is not easy.

Is the area of confrontation hard for you as it is for me?

But I learned last night that it will get easier as I grow in this area and use discernment and really pray about what the lord is asking me to do and say in a particular situation.

I actually prayed right before I made the telephone call and though my heart was pounding I felt peaceful at the same time knowing that the Lord would direct my words. And maybe just some of what I said might resonate with this person, maybe not.

Only time will tell but in the end I know I did the right thing…and that is a huge step in the growing process.

Each day I hope I grow more and more in areas of my life where I am weak.

Good to know that in my weakness, his strength is made strong!


Jacquie said...

I'm a fairly confrontational person... I tend to be a "right fighter". But, there are times it's just plain scary to confront someone about something that's bothering you. Glad you got your peace.

Rebecca Jo said...

For me, it depends on a situation - if its something I'm passionate about or KNOW I'm right, then I dont mind confronting at all... but most of the time, I confront on my own - not out of prayer & with God directing my words - that's the WORST... so good for you for doing something you KNEW you had to do & going in prayed up & prepared! And you're right, you may not know what impact it had, but if God was leading you to do it, then it was for a reason. Have peace in that...

Rosie said...

I'm so glad you found peace in yourself before making such a difficult call. I really does make things easier and you can walk away knowing it's ok whatever the outcome.

Staci said...

Good for you! I HATE confrontation and will avoid it at all cost. I'm glad you were able to do you part!

Barbie said...

I do not like confrontation at all. I am thankful the Lord gave you the strength to do what you felt you had to do. I am sorry the response wasn't better. But who knows what seed might have been planted by your stepping out.

Todd and Courtney said...

I am very confrontational, in the appropriate situations though. It's still hard sometimes. But chin up, you did it :)