Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Catch up on weekend pictures!

I had mentioned on Friday that I was going to my brother’s house to have dinner with them for my birthday Friday night and the lobster did not disappoint!! It was a great time!

The kiddos! My niece in the middle!

The yummy corn!

Nothing beats lobster and butter!

The cupcakes they got me. Yummy!!!

Such a cute picture!

This girl is a mess! She loves her watermelon!

Digging into the lobster!

It was a great night and a wonderful ending to my birthday!!

Saturday I woke up bright and early to attend a court reporting conference for school all day in Orlando. It was really informative and there was an abundance of court reporters from all over the state of FL. And we had a sit down luncheon and the food was not too bad at all! It was fun!

Where the conference was held!

The yummy food! (Sorry, the lighting was kind of bad).

My friend Trish!

After the conference on Saturday my Mom, her hubby, and Larry’s daughter Christy and her children and my Granny went out to eat for my birthday at a restaurant called Two Blondes & a Shrimp!

Have a funny story about this rooster!!

This rooster has made it's home at this restaurant and just won't leave and so they've kind of deemed it as it's mascotte, haha!!

Pretty outside eating where we sat!

Entertainment and they sang me happy birthday. Not embarassing at ALL. Geez, ha!!

My Mom and the hubby!

Emma, Ian, and I.

My pretty Grandma!

The food was amazing. For appetizers we had tomato pie and fried green tomatoes!

I had the pecan crusted chicken breast with grits and mashed potatoes.

Christy and I.

As we were leaving the rooster was calling it a night in it's humble abode in a tree right in front of restaurant!

After dinner we went down by the water and hung out for awhile and enjoyed the beautiful but humid Florida night!

The boats, but you could barely see them, ha!

This picture cracks me up because noone is looking the same way and it looks like we don't know each other the way we're sitting on bench, ha!

I spent the night with the rents Saturday night and on Sunday.... there was alot of this going on at their house!

My parent’s backyard is so serene and peaceful. Love it!

It was a very nice weekend. Hope everyone is having a great week so far!!


Jordan said...

Sounds like a great Birthday weekend! :-)

Spicy Magnolia said...

What a special birthday weekend! I'm so glad you felt loved!

Jami Balmet said...

Aaw that looks like such a fun weekend!! :)

Rebecca Jo said...

Girlfriend is serious about her watermelon, isnt she! About as serious as the adults with that lobster! :) haha!!!

I want that rooster!!!

YUMMY Fried Green tomatoes... mmmmmm.....