Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lauren and The City!!

On Saturday we were going to make an early day of it and catch the train to NYC. But with the wedding the night before and getting home late, the idea of catching a 7am train wasn't too appealing. So we ended up catching the 10am train and got into the city around noon.

Here's our day in the city...

Catching the train!

That's our stop!!!

Our first stop was Central Park. This is truly my favorite part of the whole city. I could have spent the whole day there and been totally content. We spent a good amount of time there and walked a good majority of it!

I paid money to stand with this Statue of Liberty (it's a person). Yes, I'm totally a tourist, haha!!

The ball fields in Central Park!

Juggler! My sister paid him and said I'm paying you so you better not drop those, ha!

We rode the carousel in Central Park!

We sat and watched this violinist for awhile. She was soo good. Central Park was filled with street performers.

This is a lady dressed up as a fairy and I captured a picture of this precious family and their little girls were just mesmerized by her.

Our turn, ha!

I don't even know what you call what this kid is doing but he was great and cleaned out my change and put it in his bucket!

These dancers were great! I'm telling you, there was something on every corner!!

I got this picture because it's so sweet. This couple had just gotten married and they were taking wedding pictures in the middle of Central Park! Love it!!!

Love this picture. You see this strip of Central Park in alot of movies!

After we left Central Park we took a cab to Time Square to grab some lunch.

Seriously, check out this turkey BLT, bigger than my head!!!

We then took a cab ride over to the area near Battery Park!

Drove by ground zero!

The closest we could get to Statue of Liberty. It's a speck in this picture but it's there, ha!

When you jump and step on these things in the ground they make noise and here's the rents trying to be all instrumental, ha!

Then we took the subway back near Penn Station because we needed to catch the train back to Long Island. But it turns out we had the time wrong and we had an extra hour. So we walked around some more and killed time and went to Borders.

My favorite stores!!!

I can't wait to see this movie this Friday!!! :)

Dunkin Donut stop before we hit the train back!

This was in Borders. Thought this picture was cool with the city in the background!!

If you made it this far. Bless you. It was a fabulous day in the city. I added one more thing to my bucket list.... I would love to spend a year living in NYC. And mark my words, I will someday!!! :)


Aishlea and Brandon said...

Great pics...I've only been in the winter, and I would love to go during spring/summer to see the City in a different atmosphere! You should do Christmas-time just to see all the decorations!!

And when you move there...I'm coming to visit!!!! :)

Jordan said...

Love the pictures! That's one of the places I really want to see someday! :-)

Lindsey said...

How fun!! Love the title of this post and I love all the pictures!

Jacquie said...

I read every bit of it ... and loved it! I so want to go to NYC someday, but you just made me feel a little like I got to visit.

Todd and Courtney said...

oh I love NYC. I would love to live there too! A friend of a friend just moved there with her husband and baby girl....soooo fun!

Shannon said...

What awesome pics! Lauren, one place I've ALWAYS wanted to go is NYC and can you believe I've never been?!? So sad! I love the pic of you and the statue of liberty dressed person! ha!! :)

Spicy Magnolia said...

Such a fun trip! I liked going through all of the pictures; it made me feel like I went with you. :) Central Park was so pretty! NYC is my sister-in-law's favorite city and where we went for her bachelorette weekend. Fun times!

Rosie said...

Great pictures Lauren. I say, we both go live in NYC for a year. I'm down :) Hey do you have a myspace? I NEVER use mine anymore, but I have a bunch of pics on there. I wanted you to look me up and go check out my New York Folder. We even ate at the same restraunt w/the HUGE sandwiches! LOL. small world...

Rebecca Jo said...


I think I could stay all day in central park too!!! I want to see all those street performers! LOVE you paid to get your picture with that Statue of Liberty!!! haha!

I want a job as a fairy!!!!!! How fun is that!

The Design Girl said...

These photos are awesome. I am SO jealous. I have never been to NY and I am dying to go.

It is on my list of things to do before I turn 30. I have 2 years and 3 months. Better make it happen!