Thursday, November 15, 2012

Girl's night at the fair!

This past weekend my mom, sis, and I enjoyed a wonderful time at the fair. I have not been to a fair in FOREVER, so I felt like I was a little kid again!

One MAJOR observation is fair rides have soooooo changed over the years. Because one ride particular, I have burned the name of it out of my mind.... but let me just tell you I have never in my life wanted to get off a ride so bad. I may have been screaming the whole time, "Lord...if you just let me live, I promise I will do your work for the rest of my life." It was quite the entertainment for my sis though, lol! It was the longest ride of my life!!

Other than that, the fair was a complete blast. The pictures speak for themselves!

Me and my sis!

My beautiful Momma!

Who doesn't love skee ball???? :)

This ride dropped you! I may or may not have lost my stomach, ha!

View from the top of the Ferris Wheel.

There was a place where you could feed the animals. They were SO cute!!!

Not pictured {{GASP}} is the funnel cake we devoured in like two seconds flat. How can you possibly leave without having one of those? Also, didn't get a picture of the two fish I won, LOL! I had a coupon to come back and get them at the end of the night and forget to pick them up. Oh well, would have been dead the next day, right?? I just love EVERYTHING about the fair. It was such a fun, fun night. Love these women and it was just the girl's night we needed!! 


Rebecca Jo said...

Fun! :) A fair with loved ones is always a great time!

Love the pictures... the view from the top of the ferris wheel is a great shot!

Natalie said...

Love skee ball!! Now I want to play:)