Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Disney fun.

One of the greatest gifts this blog has given me are the wonderful friendships I have made.
I truly am blessed to have found Courtney through the blog world and she has become one of my dearest friends. One of the great things is Courtney and her family make frequent trips to Disney and it's right in my neck of the woods.
I never got around to blogging about our visit a couple of weeks ago and wanted to document it. The Friday she came in she invited me to join her family. That night she set up a boat ride around Disney to see the light show on the water and to see the Christmas fireworks show over Cinderella's castle. I don't care how old you are, Disney will never lose it's magic and it always makes me feel like a little kid again. I think I take for granted all the wonderful perks the Orlando area has to offer. I love this place I call home! It was a great time. I just adore Courtney and her sweet family and kiddos.
Courtney's daughter and I on the boat. The two Lauren's :)
Gorgeous Fireworks.

Another picture of sweet Lauren and I at the end of the night.
Soooo blessed by Courtney's friendship!!!

Didn't get a picture of Courtney's cute son Connor and her husband and other family :(
It was such a fun night. Thanks for inviting me Courtney. Come back SOON!!! 


Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

I've always wanted to do a fireworks cruise! They look like so much fun.

Rebecca Jo said...

I never even knew you could get a boat & watch from the water!!! Miss all those crowds trying to get out!!!!

So sweet they invited you along... I love BlogLand! :)

Kaysie said...

You get to do some pretty fun things in Florida! :)

Todd and Courtney said...

Love ya bunches and bunches. You are like family and Im soooooo glad you could join us. We'll be back soon of course :)

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

How fun!! And so sweet!