Monday, November 12, 2012

Can you keep a secret?


It's been awhile since this blog has been light-hearted.

Soooooooo, lets talk PLL.

This is my crack (not that I would know) these days!!

Holy addiction!!!!!!!!! This show is so flippin good!!

I've just recently been introduced to the crazy town of Rosewood and these Pretty Little Liars. Catching up with the seasons has TAKEN OVER my life! No joke. I've spent many of weekends having PLL marathons and not to mention envying the amazing fashion of these girls. Obsessed much????

So it's no secret now. Here is a TV junkie in ALL it's glory!!!!!

ABC Family. Tuesday nights. WATCH. And do yourself a favor and catch up before it comes back on January 8th. You'll thank me! I pinky promise!

It might possibly lean on the side of a being a teenie bopper show but I LOVE LOVE LOVE. Don't judge, ha!! But in my defense, it's an incredibly well-written show for ABC Family!!!

Any other PLL fans out there?????? :)

Happy Monday!!

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