Friday, July 3, 2009

What's a girl to do on her day off?

And my answer to that is..


That's been me today! I've been watching TV, laying on the couch, getting up knowing I need to be productive, and then somehow finding my way back to the couch again.

I have a bed that needs to be made because I washed the sheets, I have laundry to be done, a car that needs to be cleaned out, a room that needs to be cleaned, you get my drift.

But tell me, honestly, does that sound like fun on a day off?? ha!

My biggest dilemma today is figuring out what I'm going to eat for lunch and we have S.Q.U.A.T in our fridge!

There's that word again, can't get away from it!

So I think I decided on Wendys! Sure haven't had that in awhile {{insert sarcasm}} because one thing you should know about me is I'm a frequent customer. Seriously, I think a discount is in order for me!

So for all who have the day off (and my sympathy goes out to those who don't, the name of red, white, and blue, and all things good in this country, you should have it off), what are ya'll up to today?

Maybe I'll be productive today, maybe not...

It all depends on what's on T.V., ha :)

My chicken nuggets and caesar salad are awaiting me!

Happy 4th of July, ya'll. Count your blessings and remember the ways that make this country so great to live in! Happy Birthday America! Tomorrow I'll be spending the day at the beach and getting back in time for the fireworks!!


Jordan said...

Sounds like my day Lauren! I met my aunt, cousin and grandma at McDonalds for breakfast, was finally able to do a new post, and have sat on here since then! ;) I think my room is calling me to clean it ... ! I hope you have a great weekend! =]

Becky said...

Wendy's frosty sounds good right about now...I have so much TV watching to catch up on this weekend :) Have a great fourth of July! <3 Becky

Niki said...

Glad your enjoying your day off!! I'm heading up to the lake for the weekend! Enjoy your beach time tomorrow!

Rebecca Jo said...

Some days... doing SQUAT is the BEST days ever!!!

Happy 4th!!!

Miss HoneyDew said...

HAha I had a day just like this today! Hope you have a safe and happy 4th!

Shauna said...

Hope you have a Happy 4th of July weekend :) ♥ HUGS ♥

Kristen said...

I sadly did not have the day off!! :( But I hope you enjoyed it!!

Greetings from Guatemala said...

sounds like a fun day to me!! :-)

Kendra said...

HAHAHA!! That's EXACTLY what I did on Friday the 3rd too girl!! The SAME thing!!!!!! Too funny. Great minds do think alike =)

Alicia W. said...

Found your blog today and just had to say hello. :)