Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A girl loves a new ride!

I was actually having a pretty pleasant day yesterday, and then it unfolded like this..

I'm just going to skip the hypotheticals and just come out and say it was me!

Monday my car started acting up on the way to school... My brother is in the car business and so I got a hold of him. Yesterday I was going to head to school and my brother says I need to come bring my car to him and get a rental. We thought it might be the transmission but it just turns out that we believe it had something to do with the spark plugs.

My car has been awesome up until lately. It just seems like all these little things are going wrong with it. So I'm on my way to school and almost get to the Turnpike when I realize I don't have my EZ Pass with me for tolls and I have no cash or change on me. And also in the midst of trying to hurry to get on the road for school I realize I don't have any of my keys, including house key, I had left all my keys with my brother. So I had to sit at my house outside for awhile to wait for him to let me in.

So nevertheless, I never made it to school...

And I never did say I didn't lack in common sense, ha. Does anyone have any to spare? Help a girl out please! :)

Anyhow, on a fun note, I think I'm going to be getting a new car out of this! I'm going to stick with the Focus again but getting a 2008. My other one was a 2003.

What do you think? I love the interior and love the 2008 body style and think I'm going to go with silver.

And maybe, just maybe, this car might come with some common sense!

Probably not, but this girl can only hope!


Rebecca Jo said...

New car smells... mmmm...

I LOVE the Ford Focus - very nice car.. I grew up always having Ford Escorts & that is what they remind me of! And silver is smart - doesnt show dirt very easily!

Jenna said...

I love it! Soooo cute! I really like the silver too - but I'm partial to black, white and silver cars. Weird, I know.

Jacquie said...


Michaelene said...

Love it! Congrats on getting a new ride - sounds like you needed it.
Have a great remainder of the week, sweets! See ya soon.

Staci said...

That's awesome! Congrats on the new car!

Niki said...

Yay for new cars!!!

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Kaitlyn said...

I love Focuses!

Kendra said...

Sorry, I have NO common sense to spare!! Not even enough for myself =).
LOVE the car! So cute!!

Rachel said...

I drive an '07 Focus and love it! However, I am with you...the '08 styles are so much more stylin! I've only had mine a little over a year, but would LOVE to trade it in for the new look!