Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mom, what I love about you....

On your birthday...

Mom, what I love about you, is......

* How you give your own special meaning to the word M.O.M. Such a simple word but means so much.
* Your cooking. You can make the simplest of things taste so incredibly good. I miss that cooking!
* Your undeniable support throughout my medical conditions.
* How just a simple word of encouragement from you can make a horrible day so much better!
* The love we share for Jesus, and how that leads into great conversations together talking about our faith!
* The way you let me make my own mistakes, but you're always there to help me through them!
* The way you share in my excitement with me about my future!
* The way you pray with/and for me.
* You've never picked favorites with your kids. You've loved each of us individually in your own unique way.
* The way you handle adversity. Everyone could take a lesson from you.
* You've always taught and led by example.
* You take such joy in the simple things of life. Everyone should be more like that!
* I love the way you love me.
* And did I mention how much I miss your cooking?? haha!

The list could go on and on...... and these are just a few of the many reasons why I love you. I seriously could not have asked for a better mother to walk hand in hand through this life with. And no matter what, you always need your mother's hand. The grip might loosen up as time goes by and at other times it might tighten, but nevertheless, I'll always need that grip!

Thank you for who you are and for being YOU! I don't think I could adequately put into words what your love has meant to me over the years and don't think this quite does it justice, but I tried my best.

And with that said, have a wonderful birthday celebrating you, your life and all that it's entailed, and the amazing woman and mother (and all the other titles you hold) that you've become!

You'll always have the best of my heart!

Happy Birthday!!!


Rebecca Jo said...

what a sweet post for your mommy...

Happy Birthday to your mom!

Lindsey said...

Such a sweet post!

His Doorkeeper said...

Happy Birthday Lauren's Mom!

Lauren, you are such a sweet young lady and devoted daughter!
Thanks for the comment on my bog and
by the way, anytime you are in the neighborhood, you are invited to my house!!

Whitney said...

Happy Birthday to your mom!

Heather said...

Lauren that was such a sweet post! You have such an incredible for your family and others. Happy b-day to your mom!

Spicy Magnolia said...

This is a great post...really sweet and thoughtful for you to write; I'm sure your momma absolutely loves it!

Annie said...

aw, this was such a sweet post!
happy birthday to your mom!!

Jacquie said...

As a momma myself, I can pretty well tell you that when your Mom reads this there will be a puddle of tears on the floor!! Those are sweet words to a mother's ears!!

Happy Birthday, Lauren's Mom!

alyssa said...

i'm jealous!!

Jenna said...

SOOOOOOOO sweet! Happy Bday to Lauren's Mama!!!

Staci said...

What a very sweet tribute to your mom!

a boy a girl and a pug said...

how unbelievably sweet! happy birthday to lauren's mommy!