Friday, July 24, 2009

Bloggy sale!

Medium Blouse
Retailed @ $98, bought for $69.99

Size 2 white pants
Retailed @ $126, bought for $89.99

Makes the perfect outfit together! A great evening outfit!

Coach shoes - size 8 1/2
Retailed @ $118, bought for $89.99

About a few months ago I went to Saks and made some purchases. I kind of left the store with some buyer's remorse, ha! There was 30 days I had in which to take these purchases back and I kind of talked myself into the fact that I would make full use of the outfit and shoes. So by now, it's way past the 30 days.

And the outfit hasn't been worn and the shoes have only been worn once. So I figured I'd tried to sell this stuff and wanted to give ya'll first dibs.

I am selling them for the price I bought them for. There is absolutely nothing wrong with these items, I just haven't gotten my use out of them and the clothes still have the tags on them.

Let me know if you are interested or know of anyone that might be interested in purchasing these items either by e-mailing me or commenting!

Thank you! :)


Elizabeth said...

Very cute stuff. Of course, I'm nowhere near a size 2, but if I was. . .

Justin and Jessica said...

Love them ... would also love to say that I'm a size 2! Ha! :)

Have a great weekend!

Rebecca Jo said...

OK - I could easily hate you now that you've mentioned you're a size 2... but I dont - but I do hold a little jealousy! :)

Love all the goods - but nothing would fit ... LOVE the shoes though! You for sure have good taste!

stepfabulous said...

I love the shirt - too bad so sad, nothing fits. What a great idea tho - hummmmmmm gives me somin to think about.

Kendra said...

HA! Maybe if I could fit in a size 2 you tiny thing you!!