Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lauren the Historian!

Has a nice ring, don't you think?

When I was in high school I ran for class office two years in a row. I ran once for class treasurer and once for class secretary! I didn’t win either time. When I didn’t win the first time, I was crushed. When I lost the second time, my mom didn’t even have to ask me when I got home what the outcome was because when she saw me get off the bus at my bus stop and walk up the hill to our house with my head hanging down, she knew the answer.

I had to give a speech both times I ran and invested a lot of time campaigning, if you can really call it campaigning, haha! I was naïve back then when thinking that my classmates wanted to hear about the important things and not about making prom incredible or changing the food in the cafeteria, and you know all the rest of that important stuff that is on a high schooler’s mind.
So needless to say, I didn’t win!

Looking back though, it was such a learning experience for me. It was a step out of my comfort zone and never would you find me giving a speech in front of my peers. And I often times wonder why I took the chance of running again, but it was all about perseverance for me and working towards something I wanted to achieve, even if it ended up I might be crushed and the result might not be what I want. And when it was all done I was so proud of myself for giving it a shot, and for giving it a shot twice.

Well fast forward over many years to about a few weeks ago. I went to my mom’s house and she knowing what a sucker I am for keepsakes and all things sentimental, she handed me a bunch of pictures and said Lauren, as the family Historian, I would love for you to keep these pictures.

I had to bust out laughing…

I sure didn’t win class Historian or any other office for that matter, but heck I’ve been elected family Historian!

And I didn’t even have to campaign!


Miss HoneyDew said...

I love reading your posts. You seem to have such a great outlook on life and your posts are always so uplifting and motivating. you are an inspiration to me :-)

Meagan said...

That is so cute! your mom is so sweet! And my hat off to you for being so brave! I was always to intimidated to run for office!

Children of the 90s said...

This is such a sweet post. My mom is sort of our family historian...she's very into scrapbooking and just finished one about my sister's life--10 volumes! Mine's next. It's sort of crazy, but I'm sure it'll make a cool thing to show my grandkids.

Marian91 said...

Hi Lauren! I found your blog address on Mckenzie Westmore site. Please if you have the song "Cross my hearth" by Jane French give me a sign on my blog

Annie said...

lol, cute post hun!

Tim said...

What a great story!

I have a great way for you to step out of your comgort zone again and you will for sure be a winner!

Play along tomorrow with Vlogemotions! Your readers and all who see it will love it and therefore you will win this election for sure!

Love and Prayers,


a boy a girl and a pug said...

at least you didn't have to give a speech this time :-) great post!

Kendra said...

That DOES have a nice ring to it! HA