Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday!

Thank you so much everyone for your encouragement yesterday! I appreciate it and it was a very peaceful day spent in prayer, fasting, and seeking him :o)

I made sure as often as I thought of it to go over the scripture that I have been meditating over and memorizing. There's so much power in the word, and sometimes we forget just how much. We have so much authority then we often tend to realize. I'm not sure, and some of you might frequent Beth Moore's blog, and if you haven't, you should ( She challenged us at the beginning of the year to commit to learning two scriptures a month, the 1st and the 15th of each month she blogs pertaining to this and we all share the scriptures we are memorizing for that period of time. It's been really great for me, because this is also an area in which I've been feeling convicted. It's so important to know and understand what the word says about our circumstances and most importantly, about us. It's all right there in the fine print, if we would just take that time to read it and soak it in :o) I encourage you to go over to her blog and check it out, it's not to late to join in, and become a Siesta while you're at it. It's such a wonderful community over there.

And can I just say that yesterday was such a pretty day compared to the rainy day before. One of those days I loved having a window to sit by at work. It's very cold for Florida right now, high is only in the 50's today, cold for us Floridians, haha!!!! Bring on the spring and summer :o) I was supposed to go to the gym this morning, but nevertheless I opted to stay in my warm bed!

As you can see I hold Wednesday dear to my heart, lol. It's the only day out of the week that I have to myself and no school, and feel like I can take a breath. Does anyone else enjoy their Wednesdays as much as I do?? haha!!


Melissa said...

I didn't know Beth Moore had a blog. Thanks for the link!! I'm doing her Esther study right it!!

The Thompson's said...

Hey Lauren! Found your blog thru Jacquie's. Glad I did. I hope you dont mind me following along. Please feel free to stop in and visit us anytime you like. We would love for you to follow us as well so we can keep in touch with you better.

God Bless.

Emily said...

Found your blog through megans.. your blog is darling and I will definitely be back bye! Enjoy your wonderful wed:)

Spicy Magnolia said...

I'm thoroughly enjoying the LPM Scripture memory accountability myself! I'm glad you had a good day yesterday!

Gods Girl *Court* said...

Well i don't have the day off but i needed to rest so when i got to work we only had half our kids so i do get to enjoy not being so busy.Im glad your day went well yesturdayi was praying for you. Beth Moores memory verses are wonderful i encourage everyone to do them. What verse are you doing Lauren?

a boy a girl and a pug said...

I'm doing beth moore's 90 days David study. It's so wonderful! I love Wednesdays too. It's only 2 more days till Friday :-)