Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Voice.

Do any of y'all watch the show "The Voice" on NBC?

It really is neat the whole concept of the judges not being able to see the performer but their opinion and decisions are based solely on what they hear. 

People get to share their voice. 

Isn't that kind of what this whole blogging thing is about?  We don't see the other person on the other side of the computer, but our opinions of that person are based on what we read. We have a voice and our sacred place on the internet is is where our voice lies.

I'm not a mommy blogger.
I'm not a married blogger.
I'm by no means a fashionista blogger.
I'm not a crafty blogger.

I feel like within the past couple of months I've kind of found where my voice lies.... To give people hope and to give a glimpse of how God can walk you through some of the hardest times when you choose to give it all to him. I feel like in sharing Larry's story with you, I was able to do that. I feel like if I did that then this whole blogging thing is so very worth it. I imagine it's the best voice to have.

It's so easy to compare. I may not be any of the above, but I'm going to grab that microphone with both hands. I may not be busting out any song lyrics, but this is my story and because this is my voice.

I guess it isn't so bad after all.


Aishlea and Brandon said...

We love The Voice! :) I like it much better than Idol.

Keep using your voice--it is inspiring!

Kristin said...

I love The Voice too...and even more I love God's Voice that comes through you in your posts!! :) You are a treasure!

BARBIE said...

Lauren, your faith and the way you consistently breath hope into the lives of others astounds me. You never once throughout the entire ordeal with Larry lost that hope. You are such a shining light in this big world of blogging.

Mrs. Jones said...

I love The Voice - but I think husband turned the DVR off for some reason. I just read your post and realized it hasn't been recording! Ah! Not good...

Grab your mic. You have an amazing voice! :-)

Trina said...

Oh I love this! {and I love that show haha!} I think you are doing amazing with the "voice" God gave you. xoxo

Meghan said...

I am really grateful to have found your blog. Your positive attitude in the face of challenges is very inspiring! Please keep sharing your voice.