Thursday, February 16, 2012

A promise.

Throughout Larry's illness, Larry told me each and every, and I mean EVERY single day "May the Lord bless you beyond your wildest dreams."

I've been thinking about what he said a lot since he's been gone.

While Larry was sick, I made a promise to him that I'd finish school. It's been a journey and so many times I've wanted to just give up. But Larry's biggest dream for me was that I'd finish and make something great of my life and achieve my dreams. Larry reminded me that Rowland's never quit. We weren't blood but he considered me a Rowland. Makes me cry just typing that out. So I WILL finish and I'll make him proud and I'll do it for him.

His favorite saying was "Work hard and Trust God for the results." 

I go back to school next week.

I'm going to work hard.

I'm Trusting for results.

I made a promise. There's no way I can even think about not making good on it.

And know in the end, God will bless me beyond my wildest dreams! And I know a certain angel in Heaven has some connections with the big guy upstairs now and will see to that :)


Maria said...

Yay! He's so proud of you already! Love the way you talk about him and the legacy he has left behind. Such sweet words :)

Lindsey said...

So proud of you girl!!!!

katie@tulsadetails said...

Good for you and good luck!!

Kristin said...

Just from what I can see from your will be a success!! Many prayers for you as you journey to finish!!

Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

He is so going to be pulling for you up there! That's awesome that you're going back to school. You'll do great!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

his favorite quote is beautiful and so true!