Thursday, June 30, 2011

Just call me mee-maw!

I drove to downtown Orlando yesterday for the second opinion on my arm.

I went there praying to God I would finally get some answers and a plan of attack.

So I get there and they take some x-rays themselves of my elbow and then bring me to the room to wait.

The doctor's office is in a high rise overlooking downtown Orlando. I'm watching the rain fall and seeing the courthouse where the Casey Anthony trial is in progress and just thinking that girl is guilty guilty guilty.

Yeah, she doesn't want me on that jury.

I'm brought back as the doctor enters the room. He sits down and looks over my MRI results on the computer that I have brought with me.

Then he says the "A" word that no 27 year old wants to hear.


Yes, you heard correctly.

I'm thinking to myself, doctor say what????

He then gave me an injection in my elbow that hurt like fire to help with the inflammation but he numbed the area before he gave me the shot and so it was bearable. Oh my heavens, later in the evening when it wore off, I was in tears from the pain from the shot. The pain just shot straight down my arm. I think it was Cortisone? Anyone else ever experience this?

I just wanted to shoot my arm off.

So he ordered me to go in for more blood work to hopefully determine where the arthritis might be stemming from and wants me to go to physical therapy.

He said this arthritis could very well be an on-going issue with me.

Really, Doc??? I'm too young for this mess. But I'm so praying that it's not!!

The pain has eased up some today but boy do I still feel the effects of that shot.

Signing off for now and making sure my dentures are still in.



Aishlea and Brandon said...

Ahh... poor girl!!! I'm so sorry! That stinks. Hope you feel better today!

Jenny said...

Glad you are finally getting answers! But sorry you had to go through that!

Hope you are feeling better!

BARBIE said...

Oh no! I'm praying for you.

The Branches said...

Bless your heart! Hey email me your address @ because I have something that may help with that! Also-yes she is GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY!!! BLAH!