Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thoughts on life, love, and laughter.

My friend Lianna gave me this for my birthday.

It's a cute book filled with some great wisdom.

Just wanted to share a few of my favorites with you.

*She believed she could so she did.

*That little voice in your head that says, GO BUY SHOES, that's the one to listen to.

*Follow your heart. It knows the way.

*Hope for the best. Plan for the worst. Snack in between.

*It’s often the bend in the road that makes life worth the drive.

*See the good all around you, even if you have to squint.

*Let it be.

*I take it one day at a time, but sometimes several of them attach me at once.

*Be yourself. Everybody else is already taken.

*The stuff that wears on the nerves polishes the soul.

*The tide always turns.

*That which does not kill me makes me want to eat a cookie.

*Dream no small dream.

*“Seize the day!” does not necessarily have to include the morning part of the day.

*Laugh louder.

*The best way out is always through.

*Hang in there. Even the worst weeks have Fridays in them.

*Never stop being curious.

*When the chips are down, bring on the cheese dip!

*Faith is hope on fire.

*She listened to her heart and that made all the difference.

*Dreams have no expiration date.

*Through love, through friendship, a heart lives more than one life.

*Some days are hopscotch kind of days, some days are getting-nailed-at-dodgeball kind of days.

I know, I know... That was more than a few... HA!!

With that said, have a hopscotch kind of a day :)


Rosie said...

I love all of these. Couldn't pick a favorite!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

these are awesome...thanks for sharing!

Angie said...

So fun...I love these!

Leah said...

Have to steal some of these quotes! These are great and I haven't heard of some of them even! Thanks! : )