Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Not so wordless Wednesday!

I’ve always wanted to do the “Wordless Wednesday”! But thus far I have not been successful. Seems like I always have something to say, ha! Maybe next week!

So, I just realized yesterday that I was chit-chatting about the Bachelor, and I’m not supposed to be watching TV. I gave it up for lent (if you recall from my previous post). I’ve only cheated Monday and last night when it came to the Bachelor, without even realizing it, and none of you called me on it. At least if I was going to cheat, I wish it would have been something more beneficial for me, and not a waste of my time, haha! Well, today’s a new day, and on a good note, I haven’t had soda since lent began :o)

I’m wearing my purchase that I made over the weekend. Let me refresh your memory:

I can already tell I’m going to have one heck of a day in these things. I feel like I’m preparing for the runaway, now all I need is a book on my head, lol. I will say though, it’s allowing me to have good posture for the day, haha!!! Let’s just say I’m not a girl that wears big heels a lot, so seeing me walk today is an interesting sight to see. These heels are as long as my toe, haha. If you want to learn an interesting fact about me, my toe next to my big toe on my left foot is waaay longer than my big toe, haha. It’s hilarious! There’s some story behind that, like you’re supposed to be the ruler of the house or princess of the house or something. Does anyone else have a humungous toe like I do??? Come on, fess up. And I did bring a back-up pair of shoes though, but let’s hope I can pull through the day, without breaking my ankle, haha! Have to break these bad boys in somehow!

Yesterday was a very interesting day! I found myself pondering my purpose and why I’m here and questioning everything about life and questioning God. Do any of you ever have those kinds of days? It was kind of emotional. But I was gently reminded that God knows the number of hairs on my head, knows everything about me, and knows my purpose and destiny, even when I can’t always understand it. That’s pretty awesome when you really think about that concept! So just know that each and every one of you have a HUGE purpose and destiny, and the hairs on your head have been counted!!

I'm excited because tonight I get to spend time and have dinner with my friend Samantha! It will be nice to hang out with her and catch up. I think God is stiring up something pretty neat in this friendship!! :o)

Thank you for walking this journey with me!


I was on this morning and this is what I saw. Click here. This is absolutely HI-LAR-IOUS!!!!

I have a HUGE canker sore on my lip and it has graciously caused my lip to swell up to unimaginable proportions, haha!!! Just thought you'd like to know that!!! Not pretty!!!


Jacquie said...

I must've missed where you posted that you were giving up TV for lent... or I'd have called you on it. Ha!

And... my feet are like Fred Flintstones... short toes.

Kelsey said...

Good luck walking in those great shoes today! I think I would fail miserably. Ha.

Praying that God continues to lead you to His awesome purpose for you each and every day.

Jordan said...

Good luck in those shoes today!

I have days like that sometimes. But I guess for me it's more that I want to know what's going to happen in my future and I want to be the one to plan it. I like to be in control so it's for me to take the backseat.

Niki said...

Your shoes are so cute! Good luck walking in them all day!! Just wanted to let you know, my 2nd toe on my right foot is longer than my big toe! Weird huh?

Great 911 video, are you sure that didn't happen in Memphis because that sounds like the craziness that goes on here everyday!! It was too funny!

I have days like that too where you are questioning your purpose in life and sometimes its hard to give up all your control to God but we just have to know that He has a plan!

Michaelene Sargent said...

Girly, put your mind to it and I guarantee you can run a marathon in those babies! I LOVE high, high heels - they're so glamorous and they make me so much taller.

So you read my post about my excursion to TJMaxx, yeah, I found nothing that cute, nothing! Jealous, party of one...

Have a great Wednesday sweets!

My name is Megan... said...

the bachelor is driving me nuts!!! LOVE those shoes!

Whitney said...

SUCH CUTE SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can you come to Memphis for our get together? Just fly up real quick! Ha!

Rebecca Jo said...

Heels so make you stand straighter... though they kill your feet & calves... a good trade? Those are great looking shoes though!!

And yeah, I have the 2nd toe longer than the big one... my grandmother had it too - she was so happy I had her "toe"... nice!

Emily said...

Oh girl... those shoes would kill me.. they are cute.. but for some reason heels kill me.. I have a few pairs that dont but u are brave:) God has a plan for everything and we have to realize we are not the driver.. we are the passenger and God is in control and for us... as humans.. it is hard...:) U will find your way!

Heather said...

Ooh giving up tv for lent! GOOD FOR YOU! I thought about it for about a minute and almost fainted at the possibility. But right now I am so far behind on all my books that I need to cut back on the tv.

Btw, I saw those shoes on E! a few weeks ago as being very fashionable and very "in" so yay you! ;)