Thursday, March 26, 2009

An athlete I am not and need some advice!

First of all, thank you so much for all of your sweet comments yesterday. I just love the bloggy world and love all of you :o)

Last night after work I went straight over to my sister’s tennis match. Sad to say that I have not been able to make it to any of her matches (which is sad because she will be graduating this year) because they are always on the days I have school at night and it just so happened that she had a match on a Wednesday and I took advantage of that and went to watch. They won the overall match. One thing you should know about my sister is she has AMAZING athletic abilities, which I clearly did not inherit, anyone else in that same boat? I played one year of soccer in high school and that was enough for me. My sister’s dad passed away when she was a baby and I know he’d be so proud of her and would be there at every single match of hers. She also plays volleyball and soccer. Her dad was extremely athletic as well, so I know that's where she gets it from. I’m so proud of her. I seriously wish I was the athletic type. With that said..

I can kick butt in Wii Tennis, haha, does that count for anything? Just humor me and tell me it does, haha!! Seriously, if I played in real life as well as I do the Wii, then I could be potential pro status. Nah, probably wouldn’t go that far, ha!

Then after that we went to go eat Pizza.

Yum Yum! We were craving it and there’s a GREAT pizza place here in town called Pauley’s Pizza with great pizza and amazing garlic knots (yeah, didn’t do too well for the breath, haha). But who would I be kissing, right? ha! Also, I just happened to find this picture but let it be known that I absolutely DO NOT like cheese-filled crust. Is anybody else in my corner on that one?

Okay, switching gears here. I need some advice. God has been dealing with me a VERY long time about the amount of time I spend on the computer in general and how much of my time it consumes, and I’m sure I’m not the only one, so I’m coming to you. I really want a change in this area of my life and just don’t want to lose perspective of what’s important. And I know there’s a way to do that without feeling disconnected from the world. So, for those of you who have gone through this to, what did you find helped you limit your time on the computer? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I think I’ve been thinking of this more so even lately after the untimely death of actress Natasha Richardson. My mom and I were sitting there yesterday thinking yesterday, a week ago, everything was right in the world of Natasha and her family, and in one split second all of that changed. And it just showed me once again how precious life is and I just don’t want to miss a second of it by filling my time up with unnecessary things.

Enjoy every second today!


Carpoolqueen said...

Speaking of spending too much time doing something unproductive....I rock at Wii-bowling and I'm bad at Wii-tennis.

And the computer addiction. Was just having this convo with another friend recently. I try to limit my time by setting "play time" on my daily calendar, by writing several posts at once and scheduling them for publishing, and by making sure my life is filled with flesh and bone moments like you had at your sister's match.

Rebecca Jo said...

Hate athletic people!! (I joke!) Glad you got to make it to your sisters match!

As for the computer - its very easy to get pulled into it... but I tend to use time at work that I have open time & am sitting in front of a computer anyways...but honestly, God has worked through the computer for me - I am able to stay in touch with kids from youth & have conversations that they are MUCH more comfortable sharing in a not face-to-face manner... I have learned from incredible women & thoughts they share - Amazing pastors have online sermons you can watch... so while the computer can pull you away - it also has perks that you can focus on...

as long as you arent CHOOSING to sit in front of a computer when you COULD be doing something else... like if your mom called & you were like "No, I'd rather sit here"... that's when you really need to look at what you're doing.

Heather said...

I agree with Rabecca Jo about the whole computer thing

I LOVE WII!! I'm a pro at bowling..TRYING to get better at tennis though and baseball and golf, HA! That's pretty funny to watch. I do not go for the stuffed crust pizza either :) Have a great day!

Jordan said...

I am not athletic at all either! We're really the cool ones ;-)

I totally disagree with you on the cheese stuffed crust! lol I love cheese, so that's why!

The computer addiction is something that I guess haven't quite worked through yet. I haven't been on as much as I used to be but I still get on quite a bit. I spend most of my time on the internet closer to the time I'm going to bed when I have everything else done. Let me know what works for you!

Shauna said...

I better get on the WII :) Hope you have a great day! Please come over and vote for me :) ♥ Hugs!

Jacquie said...

My friend, Jodi, has a WII. I haven't ever played but she thinks we'd have a blast playing.

That pizza looks SO yummy - even though I like my crust with no cheese and all kinds of BREAD!! Can you tell I'm eating low carb in this workout phase??

You are young, but I'm amazed at what a deep thinker you are.

Melissa said...

Ok, are we related? We think so much alike!! About the computer thing. I totally feel this. I try to use my free time at work (my break, and nap time) for computer purposes. Although I do use it at home as well. But, I make sure that if Dustin is there or it's nice out that I get off it. I also have to make myself have time for other things like my Bible study which I do before bed and reading. I think time on the computer is ok, but you just have to find a healthy balance of what works for your life. Love you girl!!

Jennifer said...

Since I'm on the computer at work all day long, I've been trying not to get on it once I go home at night. This allows me to spend all of my time focusing on my hubby, or cleaning, or just plain hanging out!

Claire said...

What a lovely post! I try and make sure I'm never so busy on the computer that I'm not enjoying all the wodner of life - some days I'm so busy it's a half hour tops, whereas days like today where I'm just cleaning and cooking and writing letters and stuff, I allow myself a few hours of online fun. Which is how I found your charming blog!


Kelsey said...

LOL. I wish I was athletic too... but I'm definitely pretty good at Wii bowling, so I'd definitely say your abilities in Wii tennis count!

I also cannot stand cheese-filled crust. I have no idea why I think it is so terrible.

I'm curious to see what people say about computer time, because I have no good advise. I always just focus on making sure it doesn't creep into other things like Bible time, study time, calling my parents time, etc. If I feel balanced, then I try not to worry about it because I enjoy my time on the computer. It's definitely a balancing act though. Hope you find something that works for you!

Emily said...

I am a pro at wii bowling.. wii tennis I stink!! I think if you only allow yourself a certain amount of time during the week.. the computer can be benefital.. think about all the friends you ahve meet.. advice you have recieved.. lives you have touched.... Ur a friend to me:)

Becca~TimeWellSpent said...

The Wii thing cracked me up! We love wii at our house.

The computer time is a constant struggle/evaluation for me. I too always want the actually people in my life to be more important that the time I spend on the computer.

Jenna said...

Lauren, I just read your post below and I am so proud of you for sharing that. I know your experience and you attitude about life is encouraging to so many people!!

And on another note, I so want to play Wii tennis with you!

Niki said...

I am so sad to say I've never played on the Wii, EVER!! I am sure I would love it thought beacuse I love anything sports related:)

a boy a girl and a pug said...

I'm not even good at wii tennis. It's sad. I totally agree with Rebecca Jo on the computer thing. Mine was getting bad last week so I limited took a blogging break. We should have a blogging break day for one day because you're not alone.

P.S. Watching Golden Girls right now!