Saturday, March 7, 2009

Not so cute!

Whitney at "That Girl" gave me this award. This award challenges me to list 10 not so cute things about myself.

This was really hard because I just exude cuteness all the way around, lol... JK! Hope you still love me after this!

1. Right now I have a bunch of sores in my mouth from my braces and my lips are swollen up like a balloon, cute? I think NOT.

2. As I shared before my second toe is WAY bigger than my big toe on my left foot. So this might not be fair. But it's one less thing I have to think of that's not soo so cute, ha.

3. I have multiple scars on my body from where I've had to have things removed that randomly pop up on my body. I swear, I'm a freak of nature, lol.

4. I absolutely HATE to floss my teeth.

5. I let my bathroom get really nasty at times before I clean it, part of it is just laziness but it's disgusting.

6. I use the two-second rule with food. Enough said. If you don't know what that is, look it up, lol.

7. Sometimes I let my eyebrows get hideous before I have them waxed. Can we say uni-brow?

8. I have a tendency at times to chew with my mouth open.

9. My hair sheds horribly. It's disgusting. I have to go behind myself with a dust-buster, ha!

10. And last but not least, my toenails get so hard, that when I cut them, they go flying across the room, haha! A little dramatic there but they do get hard and when I cut them I literally have to get on the ground looking for it, lol!!

I pass this award along to:

A boy, A girl and a pug

Tomorrow is going to be a fun-filled day. I'm going to the Florida Strawberry Festival with my cousin/bff Melissa. It should be a blast. I'll also get to meet a fellow Florida blogger, Natalie, while I'm there. That should be awesome to meet up. And we got tickets to see Jessica Simpson who is going to be performing there. It will be interesting because I've heard mixed reviews on her music lately. So I hope I don't get disappointed. Can't wait to share about the day!!

Well, today is a day full of baby-sitting, cuteness (or not so cute, you be the judge) has gotta head out!!! Have a wonderful Saturday!


Carpoolqueen said...

I laughed about the hair thing. I, too, am a shedder. After about a month of marriage, my husband asked "Is this a feature and something I should just get used to?"

He grew up outside Plant City. We can't get through strawberry season without him talking about the festival at least 50,000 times.

Jess :) said...

Ditto on the hair thing! You would think my bathroom is carpeted...oh wait, just LOADS and LOADS of hair! It's kind of disgusting!

And super fun about the Strawberry Festival. Can I come?!? I love strawberries!

Not to mention, since you're seeing Jessica Simpson...does that mean that you're seeing my boys (The Flatts)?! If you'll have to see if you can find their sound manager Jon-Jon. He's an awesome guy and he's from the city I live in! Tell him "hi" for me! Now, this is all on the basis that you're even seeing The Flatts! ;)

Anyways, have a wonderful day and can't wait to see pictures!!

Whitney said...

Love your list!!! I shed too - it is terrible. I lose hair at an alarming rate!

Heather said...

lol I share some of those disgusting things with you!! Every time I read about you doing something in Florida I wish I lived there!!!! Have a great weekend.

Jordan said...

I too shed like crazy! There's always a ton of hair in the shower & the rugs. Yuck! LOL

Have fun at the Strawberry Festival =]

Niki said...

Haha, I'm the same way about cleaning my bathroom! Have fun at the Strawberry Festival! I hope Jessica Simpson is better when you see her, are you getting to see Rascal Flatts too??

Kelsey said...

I had fun reading this and doing my own! Thanks for tagging me. :)