Tuesday, August 3, 2010

School day memories!

By this time in the summer, we ALL are over the heat. People, especially parents.. crave routine, you know that once again you will see the crosswalk guards out by the school zones guiding the students safely to the land of learning.

School supplies are overflowing on the shelves.

Back to school time makes me recall my own memories.

Can I just say the thing I miss the most about the school days are the school supplies! I have ALWAYS loved school supplies. I can remember nagging my Mom once we got the list to please, please, please go out and buy it.

Who doesn’t love the smell of erasers? Ha!

In elementary school it was all about the Lisa Frank.

The unicorn was my favorite.

And once in middle school and high school, Lisa Frank, not so cool anymore.

Let me also just say, I REALLY miss Lisa Frank. The folders, the pencils, miss all of it.

I rode the bus to school up until the day I got my own car. Yes, I was one of those losers, ha!

My Mom always had to work while we were in school, so I was a latch-key kid up until my Mom found us a wonderful, wonderful sitter named Jennifer and she stayed with us until we could stay by ourselves at home. I still see her around town. Loved her and I remember she was so cool because she was in high school at the time and so I would ask her tons of questions and was just fascinated by the high school world, LOL.

We all have a fond school memory whether it is in elementary, middle school or high school. One of my fondest school day memories comes from elementary and was my 3rd grade teacher. I’m not sure if I’ve ever spoken of her on the blog, but she’s TOTALLY blog worthy. We all have that one teacher that stands out above all the rest. That one teacher that leaves a mark on your life and impacts you, leaving you wishing you could just stay in the 3rd grade for the rest of your life.

Her name was Mrs. Duggan. 3rd grade was the year my Mom’s husband at the time (my sister’s dad) passed away in a boating accident. Mrs. Duggan sent me cards in the mail, and told me I could call her anytime I wanted just to talk, and one time I took her up on the offer, and I called her. Not sure I really had anything specific I wanted to say to her, but hey, she offered, and I wanted to call, ha. She will never know how much her love and encouragement blessed my 3rd grade heart. She was a huge help in guiding me in the grief process when I couldn’t fully understand what was going on. Death is a hard thing at that age to fully grasp. But Mrs. Duggan, she was a special teacher who took the time for me and I’ll never forget that. She was the one teacher I got something for EVERY holiday. I wonder if she still has those Garfield post-it notes I gave her for Halloween? LOL. I sent her Christmas cards in the mail every year. She lived down the road from my Grandma up until recently, she and her husband moved. I would go and visit her when I was over at my Grandma’s, but can’t do that anymore. But, she will always have that mark on my life.

And then there was the time in first grade, it was picture day, a mean girl by the name of Erica Walker decided she would stick her foot out and trip me on the way to go have pictures taken. Can’t exactly remember how that school picture turned out. Probably if you look closely you can see the red in my eyes from crying.

Not cool.

Then there was the time in 5th grade when my teacher made me cry because she lashed out on me because I was asking too many questions and frustrating her.

Umm, excccuuuse me, sorry math was not my fortay. And isn’t that what the educational system is paying you for Mrs. Rixie, to answer my questions?

But I like to remember the good memories. There were some good memories, I promise, despite the above mentioned.

3rd grade.

Mrs. Duggan.


Shay said...

My kindergarten teacher was the one that stuck out the most to me...

My first grade picture day went badly as well... I threw up all over myself on the bus because my mom didn't believe that I was sick.

Rebecca Jo said...

Our youngest was so addicted to EVERYTHING Lisa Frank!!!! Oh the memories you just brought back to me!!!

I was just thinking of some of my favorite teachers the other day too... they leave an impact, dont they!

Jenny said...

I loved Lisa Frank stuff too! All the school supply stuff smelled good! That is what I remember most about elementary school... The smell!

Jordan said...

I love school supplies as well! :-)

Ashley E. said...

I forgot about how awesome Lisa Frank folders were!!!!!!!

...::Heather @ Mrs. Southern Bride::... said...

Haha...I ADORED Lisa Frank. I was always collecting the folders, and notebooks. :)

Rosie said...

Lisa Frank was the best! I always like the other stuff like the huge pencils and stickers.I really enjoyed your post. Brought up a lot of good AND bad memories of school for me. Love ya!

Todd and Courtney said...

so sweet. I think we all remember our good teachers. I have a horrible experience too like your tripping one. I got called the pimple queen in 5th grade on the bus everyday. horrible :( But we tend to remember the good times, not the bad!

Resisting Perfection said...

Oh my goodness, Lisa Frank. I was obsessed with anything by her, that brings back some memories!

Melissa said...

Oh my! I loved Lisa Frank!! I have always been a school supply junkie!

惠慧萍婷 said...

Lets cross the bridge when we come to it............................................................