Thursday, February 4, 2010

Meet the Roommate!

I’ve said it before on the blog and I’ll say it again…… relationships come and go in our lives. Every relationship is for a reason, for a season, and some last a lifetime.

I’ve had a roommate for over the last month and it has been a blast.

Let me start from the beginning. Jill and I met at church camp while we were in elementary I believe going into middle school. It was my first year at church camp and we ended up in the same cabin together. Of course I came with my ear issues and at the time had drops I had to take which required me to go to the nurses building to get my medicine. I was very insecure and scared that people were going to make fun of me and I got really upset and started crying and what not, and here comes Jill to console me and make sure I was going to be okay.

And from then, a friendship was built.

All the remaining years at camp we asked to be placed in the same cabin together each year and long after camp we remained in touch. She came to my high school graduation and she lived a few hours away and we have maintained our friendship through all her college years and to this day.

Jill is my lifetime forever and ever friend.

I visited her early last year when she lived in North Carolina and we had a blast and we went to Vegas with a group of people late last year and of course that trip was soooo much fun.

At the Biltmore House:

The beach in North Carolina:

Out to dinner the last night in NC:


Grand Canyon:

So fast forward to December 2009. I’m looking for a roommate and Jill is looking to move back to Florida to go to grad school. She is a nurse. She doesn’t want a permanent position if she is to go back to school so she decides she wants to be a travel nurse instead.

God is so wonderful because it turns out the local hospital in my area which is right down the road from my house called her and offered her a position. What are the odds? Seriously. So at the beginning of January she moved in with me and started her job at the hospital. She is only contracted for 13 weeks at the hospital but it’s going to be a wonderful 13 weeks in a season where I get to share life with one of my best friends.

Who knows what will happen at the end of the 13 weeks and what school she’ll potentially choose or if she’ll just continue being a travel nurse and where that might take her. She’s seeking God out for direction on that one. But one thing I do know is friendships are a gift from God. Jill is a gift from God. It’s amazing how each friendship brings a different dynamic to your life. Our hearts and personalities are uncanny. I can talk spiritual matters with Jill, can connect with her on such a deep level. We pray together, share together, laugh together, and love and respect each other. She’s one of those friends that we can pick up right where we left off, and I just love that.

I could go on and on, but I just felt Jill deserved a blog post all of her own.

Do you have a friendship like this in your life? Share with me about your lifetime forever and ever friend!


Lindsey said...

That's awesome! Enjoy this time, it's such a fun and special time in your life! Garth and I had great friends who we wre roommates with and they stood in our wedding, such a blessing!

Spicy Magnolia said...

how fun, and what a blessing! you're right that friendships like that are such a blessing. i have a few forever, forever friends, scattered across the globe. what a treasure it would be to live close to them again! but thankfully, i do have one in Austin and i love her to pieces!

Jackie said...

Stumbled across your site this morning and luv it!!

Such a blessing to have a special friendship like you two do!! Truly a God thing!!

I'm following your blog now and hope you'll stop by my place for visit sometime!!

Sweet Blessings!

Rosie said...

What a truly amazing friendship you have. Not many people have that & you are so blessed.

Faith said...

How neat that God worked that special little blessing out for you =)

Hope you girls have so much fun!

Sadako said...

Aww. Sweet pics and awesome post.

Kendra said...

That sounds like so much fun! I miss the days of living with my best friends. While I love my husband and my kids, I had a blast living with the girls. Enjoy these moments!

Aishlea and Brandon said...

Have a lot of fun while she's there with you!!! :) Girlfriends are such a blessing!

I have several forever friends.... and I am so blessed in that department!

Becca said...

What a blessing! :-) I hope you guys have so much fun together -- I have lots of fantastic friends, but none that have been life-long really . . .sad to just realize that haha

♥Kim said...

That's so awesome Lauren to have such a close relationship with someone. I unfortinitly don't have a close friend like this. Well I did until I changed for the better but I'm still seaking for that one true friend to hold onto. Until then I got my Blogging friends! :)

Justin and Jessica said...

I love this story - and I have one much like it. I met one of my best friends, Brandie, at church camp when I was a 6th grader and she was a 7th grader. We lived 5 hours apart but wrote to each other weekly. She too came to my high school graduation! We ended up at the same college, lived together for 3 years, and were in eachother's wedding!

Jordan said...

That's so sweet! I can't wait to find my forever friend! =)