Thursday, February 25, 2010


Don't let the title freak you out, I'm fine! This is just a topic I felt in my heart to write about.

The word cancer means something to everybody.

Chances are if you haven't been affected by it, someone you know or love has.

I HATE it, and you will never see me use the word hate..but I think it's totally justified here. Cancer sucks. I will never be able to understand it. It can change the course of a life forever. It can take a life forever.

It just plain sucks.

Yesterday a very close co-worker of my Mom and close family friend was diagnosed with cancer. She has been in the hospital for at least a week or more. She was having pain in her back and dealing with other health issues and was finally admitted to the hospital. They then ran a bunch of tests on her and then she heard the dreaded word... cancer. The cancer is in the bones and multiple places. It will literally take a miracle to beat this. Her life being changed in an instant. The life of her family being changed in an instant.

But instead of asking the whys like most of us would.... You know what my mom told me? She's not throwing a pity party but instead she's saying you know, it is what it is and I'm going to take it one day at a time. God is in control. She is so strong in her faith.

How many of us would say the same? I can honestly say I would hope I will be able to hold steadfast in my faith, but when it boils down to it, if I were in the same position I just don't know how I would react if I were told that kind of news.

I will say this. Hearing stories like this puts things majorly into perspective. How could it not? When my mom told me the news I started crying and as I thought about this sweet friend throughout the day I couldn't help but cry each time. A life forever changed and a future so uncertain as she fights this battle. It makes me want to live life for today and with passion because you just never know what tomorrow holds and tomorrow might be too late. The course of your life could be changed forever and you could be in the battle of your life, no matter what that battle it, whether it be cancer or something else.

Live for today. Live for those sweet moments with your family and friends that will be gone in a fleeting second. Live for the small things and don't keep waiting for the next big thing.

Live like you mean it.

If you're willing to share, how has cancer affected you personally? For me, my Grandpa whom I never met died from lung cancer when I was just a baby and my Aunt is a breast cancer survivor. Thought this could be a way to encourage those who have fought the fight or are fighting the fight

Some lose the fight, some win.

It's a fight I hope one day has a cure!


Jayme said...

One of my 8 month old twins was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma at 4 months. He amazes me- he goes through all the procedures and treatments with a smile and he's always such a happy baby.

Aishlea and Brandon said...

So sorry to hear about this friend. I will be praying!

Cancer is awful.... my hubby's step-dad passed away three years ago from cancer. It was horrible to watch and witness.... I too hope there is a cure very soon!

Amber said...

I was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer when I was 19. It was a tremendous battle but I've beat it. I believe that God wanted me to learn from the experience and I did.. I grew so much over this period of time and am so thankful that I got to share the experience with my Husband (boyfriend at the time). It took us to boundaries I never thought our relationship would go. It's such a scary thing but with faith in God you're able to see the enlightenment of it all.

Outnumbered by 3 Stooges!! said...

Cnacer scares me. I pray very hard every time I thinka bout it and just give it to God. I enjoy your blog. Bless you

BTW the word Verification was PUTOOTI...HA!

Rebecca Jo said...

I hate cancer... has taken away many friends (my dearest friend too) & my grandparents... the battle of cancer is hard & I pray for the day when that battle doesnt have to take place anymore

Barbie said...

I tell my children there are only two things they are allowed to hate - sin and cancer. My grandmother battled both breast and colon cancer, and complications of the colon cancer ultimately took her life. My niece is currently battling Leukemia, but we believe she is in remission. My Pastor's wive lost her dad, a very Godly man, to stomach cancer a few years ago, and now her mother just underwent surgery to remove a cancerous tumor in the breast. I too HATE cancer!

Angie S said...

My uncle has a form of cancer. I love him so much and hate to see him hurting. My kids think he hung the the thought of him no t being around terrifies me and my husband.

My aunt is like my best friend, and I hate to see her hurting.

I pray everyday for them...his form of cancer will never go away. He has to live with it, but he is kicking it's hiney!!!!


We do live differently than we did before and you are so right when you say Live like you mean it! I couldn't agree more!

Nocona said...

Just discovered your blog. Very great entry today. My sister in laws mother in law just passed away with liver cancer. She was diagnosed in Dec. and by Feb. was gone. It is hard.

Rosie said...

Your mom's friend is a very inspirational woman to be so strong about her diagnoses. I pray she overcomes this.
My sister had cervical cancer at 29 and beat it, but other than that I'm not aware of it in my family. Nice blog post today :)

Allyson said...

Your mom's friend has the right perspective. What a woman of faith she is.

I had ALL leukemia when I was a child. It took several years of trial treatments but I have been in remission/cancer free for 20 years now! God is good!

Jordan said...

My great-grandpa passed away from bone cancer 6 years ago. My dad's best friend, Kevin has lymphoma. Kevin's dad just passed away from cancer last weekend. My cousin has cervical cancer. My boyfriend's grandpa passed away from stomach cancer 4 years ago. A lady that my aunt works with was just diagnosed with stage 4 terminal cancer.

Cancer sucks and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.