Thursday, January 21, 2010

Service + Food = Total Fail

So last night I went to Chili’s with my friend Holly! It was so great catching up with her!!! Love her to pieces!

We both order the $20 special for two people to share. First of all the service was absolutely horrible. Our waiter was the worst thing ever. Never really checked up on us, took forever to get anything. Our appetizers came out right along with our entrée and then when we got our food it was just flat out disgusting. I mean disgusting. I spit it out, that disgusting.

By that time we had it…. We decided we weren’t going to stay there and definitely we weren’t going to be paying for that kind of food and service. So we asked someone up front if they could get the manager so we could speak to her. Well, apparently the manager was too busy to come up and talk with us. I mean what kind of junk is that? Seriously, the manager wouldn’t even come up to talk with us. So by that time we told them we were leaving and that we just wanted to let someone know and that we wouldn’t be paying and then we left.

I have never in my life done that… But when you’re paying for a service, you would like to get what you’re paying for and you have to stand up for yourself.

We then decided we were going to go to Red Lobster across the street. So if you read my previous post from this week, got my breadsticks and garlic cheese rolls in one week, ha! And we got a whole heck of a lot better service.

Here's Holly and I at Red Lobster. What can I say, we don't get out together as often as we'd like, so we had to document. A worker was so nice and took our picture, ha!!

We need to do it again real soon Holly!!!

So what's been your worst restaurant experience?


Aishlea and Brandon said...

Actually one of our worst experiences was at Red Lobster- yet we still go back! haha!

They were really busy and we had been waiting for about 30 mins. They called our last name and we went to be seated, but someone else with the same last name that had only been there like 5 mins had stepped forward and they went ahead and sat them first. We waited for another 20 mins before finally being seated and then it was horrible service!!!

I'm proud of you for saying something- I probably wouldn't have the nerve!!

Katie said...

I wish I was brave enough to do has happened to me multiple times at Chili's! Ugh :( I like red lobster :) yumm

Adorably Distracted... said...

I hate when you are really excited about a night and it turns out like that! I'm glad it ended up ok though!

Summer said...

Girl I feel ya on the Chili's experience! I used to heart Chili's but I don't know something about them being so crowded and unable to compensate service wise....equals awful....

I'm sooo jealous you got your breadsticks and the cheese biscuits all in a week....LOL

What awesome service that they even took your pic at the lobster....
Summer :0)

Annie said...

cheese garlic rolls and breadsticks in one week - SCORE!!
bad service :(
i have never had service that bad!!
i'm glad you two stuck up for yourselves and just left!

Rosie said...

You're so funny taking pictures like that. LOL.
I had posted about my NYE experience at a bad restaurant & "bad experience" doesn't even come close to describing it at all! Our waitress actually yelled and cried and cussed at my friend all within 5 minutes of sitting down. The manager was on her side too. Since we were too afraid to order our food, we left a nice tiny tip for the drinks (like pennies) and a comment card behind). Some people are just in the wrong profession!

Holly said...

First of all what a terrible picture of me. lol I guess there is no hiding the truth of chasing, feeding, and bathing babies before a dinner date. lol.
Second, I love that you called the server a 'thing' haha!
Third, my worst dining experience was last night.. atleast it was with good company.

Lauren said...

This is hilarious!! I'm proud of you!

Lauren said...

This is hilarious!! I'm proud of you!

Jess said...

LOL..... I love Chili's, but that's awesome of you to take a stand!

And, yum...... garlic cheddar bicuits!!

Garrett and Meagan said...

Good for you! I haaate bad service. It kills me.

Kendra said...

And that's why I don't go to Chili's. Because all of them have crappy service.

♥Kim said...

Wow, sorry to here about that. Hey, you've got to do what you got to do girl! :) Your a lucky girl, Olive Garden & Red Lobster in one week, my oh my! ;) I hope you enjoyed it!

I'm just catching up if you haven't noticed, :), I love reading your post & miss them.