Monday, January 4, 2010

Do you dare to be bold??

MckMama wrote a post a few days ago on bold blogging.

It was great.

It was power.

You need to go read it.

There’s a fine line when blogging as to what’s to be shared and what’s not to be shared and what you think people want to hear and what you think people don’t want to hear. There’s most of all a fine line of how you want people to perceive you and how you don’t want to be perceived… especially when you are over the internet and most of these people you’ll never meet and you can mold yourself into this “perfect” person for the entire bloggy world to see and know.

It’s nice to have this outlet to be free to be who I am.

I’ll be the first to admit… It’s easy to want people to think you live in this perfect place in your corner of the world where life is just dandy and you have a blog to write all about your perfect world.

I am by no means living in a perfect world and I’m by no means a perfect person.

I often times find myself telling people I’ll pray for them but get so busy in my world that I never do. I don’t spend nearly as much time in the word as I know I should be. I haven’t always been the best sister or daughter or always a good friend. I fail miserably as a Christian sometimes. I wish I went to church more. I still get caught up in my insecurities. I still have those moments where self-doubt likes to creep in. There are times where I feel like God has forgotten me.

But does he love me any less?


But despite all of that, my God loves me!

I’m being bold and saying this is me.

I’m looking forward to sharing with ya’ll in the upcoming year and being bold while doing it and sharing the amazing and what seems ideally perfect parts of my life with you and not being afraid to share the not so perfect parts of my life with you.

This is one of my resolutions for this year and I’m going to share the rest of my hopes and resolutions with you on Friday as a part of Kelly’s Korner “Show Us Your Life Fridays.”

I hope you’ll go to her blog and participate and I have so enjoyed reading everybody else’s goals and hopes for the new year!

So, do you dare to be bold?


Rebecca Jo said...

I gotta go read it now... you've got me intrigued...

but you know what - I tend to draw closer to people who are honest & let people know their not perfect... because none of us are anyways - so putting that atttitude out there only makes me want to shy away because it makes me feel so inferior... I'll be friends more with the screw ups! Wait - is that why we're such good bloggy buds? hehe!

Rebecca Jo said...

***& I meant that towards me - not you btw! :) I'm the biggest screw up there is...

Lauren @ Dreams Take Flight said...

MckMama's post was so good...and yours is too! I definitely want to blog a little more boldly, because obviously my life isn't all flowers and sunshine! I think it's a good resolution! :)

Jenna said...

I read MckMama's post too and I really agree with everything she said. Sometimes when I share things that don't put me into a great light it seems like no one knows what to say which makes me then feel like I shouldn't have posted you know? But in the end, theres just no point in not being real!

Jordan said...

It was a good post! And I completely agree with everything you said, Lauren.

Mrs. Dew said...

Great post! You know your posts always get me thinking! I think this one is NO different. Thank you.

Ashley @ {Let Go, Laughing} said...

i loved that post of mckmama's and i love this post!

i have been thinking about the bold blogging thing ever since she wrote it too and how i can be a little more open and honest on my blog... i think i will try to be a bit more bold on my blog this year as well :)

oh and you aren't the only one who tells bloggers she will pray for them and then forgets :/ love your honesty!

Holly said...

You are perfect in my book. ;) Perfectly Lauren!
Love you girl! We will get together soon.