Thursday, January 28, 2010

Randomness is no particular order!

*Anyone going to be rushing out to buy the i-pad?

Seriously, what are they going to come out with next?

*Thoughts anyone?

*Anyone that has kept up with me this week knows that this has been my saving grace.

On day 7 of not being able to wash my hair after surgery. Dry shampoo, how I heart you!

*I leave for Nashville in 21 days!

*Gave up my Twitter account awhile back and really don't miss it!

*Have no clue how to do bullet points on blogger, someone please let me know how, ha.

*About have one of my credit cards paid off. YAY!!!!

*Had a wonderful chat with my sister on the phone last night.

*I counted and there's 14 of my bloggy friends pregnant right now and couldn't be more thrilled. Is there something in the bloggy water? Ha!

*The TV show Two and a Half Men is the funniest show EVER!!!!

*I haven't been able to do much exercise in the way of running to prepare for my 5k but hopefully after my follow-up appt. on Monday since my surgery, I will get the go ahead.

*Seriously wonder how some of those people make it on to idol. As much as I love the auditions, I'm ready for the real meat of the competition to begin.

*Vienna from The Bachelor is actually from Sanford, Florida, where my parents live and I love my Florida peeps but she has got to go.

*Had fun hearing what people had to say last night on Facebook during the State of the Union address. Over an hour of my life I'll never get back. Read one comment where someone said the President's tie was clashing with the flag in the background and hurting their eyes. Anyone else notice that? Cracked me up!

*The situation with John & Elizabeth Edwards is just plain sad. I try not to judge because we all fall short. I read a blog that touched on this topic. Read here.

*This weekend I have absolutely no plans..... LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! :)

And I'll leave ya with that!!


Aishlea and Brandon said...

Oh, yay! You've got dry shampoo! I bet that is saving you this week!

About Heidi...oh my word. What has she done??????? It's hideous!!!

Hope work went well yesterday!

Angie S said...

Fun random post...I love it ;)

I have often wondered about dry shampoo...guess it works...yay!

Vienna really does need to hit the road. she frustrates me.

The Kerry situation is very sad...I can't believe the media won't leave them alone.

Have a great weekend!

Rebecca Jo said...

Vienna - UGH... only thoughts I have on her...

I kinda am interested in the i-pad after falling in love with my ipod touch!

Yeah - I'm thinking about giving up my Twitter as well...

...::Mrs. Southern Bride::... said...

Do you recommend the dry shampoo! I keep thinking I should give it a try so I don't have to wash my hair every day.

I feel so sorry for Mrs. Edwards...what a heartbreak! Love the article you posted.

Katie said...

I honestly want the iPad....

Rosie said...

Nope, don't want the ipad.
Vienna bugs me. She's gotta go!
Heidi is just plain sad. She's visiting her parents w/camera's in tow right now. Pathetic.
And I watched the address last night for an hour then finally had enough.
I heard Mrs. Edwards finally left him. Good!
Like the random post!

Jenny said...

Agree 100% abotu Vienna!!! Don't like her at all!!

Oh and Heidi looks stupid!!! She looks like walking plastic...

Congrats on almost having your credit cards paid off! ITS a GREAT feeling when they are!!!!!

Barbie said...

I would seriously run out and get the iPad if I could afford it. I am a MAC lover! I know my boss is getting one and so I guess I will covet from afar. Thank goodness for dry shampoo, huh. Oh and about the bullets, when you are writing your post just click on the bullet button on the tool bar. It's in between the numbered list button and the quote button. Hope this helps!

Adorably Distracted... said...

lol glad to see you are in good spirits from your surgery! lol

the bullets... there is a button on the bar of your post... i believe it's before the " button- near the spell check!

Lindsey said...

Love the randoms! I am over the auditions on AI, there are some crazies out there!

♥Kim said...

Well then what a great list of topics to talk about! :)
-Not sure why on earth Heidi is doing this to herself. Crazy!
-Vienna- CRAZY! Just don't care too much about her.

Hope you can wash that head soon girl, I can imagine how bad it's itching.

Hope you are having a great week back to work.

Spicy Magnolia said...

Dry shampoo?? who knew!? that's awesome! and congrats on paying off one of your cc's! you go girl!

Jordan said...

Like the random post! Vienna has GOT to GO! Don't like her. Enjoy your no-plan-weekend! :)

Kendra said...

Never heard of dry shampoo- but glad you found it! HA!

Heidi...there are no words. None.

Heather said...

No, no iPad for me. I guess Apple chooses not to par take in the recession. :)

Jacquie said...

I really enjoyed this post, Lauren. I watched the John Edwards special the other night and it was so sad to me. So sad.