Saturday, January 2, 2010

Clean up Saturday!

Last night I came over to my parents house and my Mom made all the traditional New Years Eve food and it was so so yummy....

Pork and sour kraut, stewed tomatoes, mashed potatoes, and of course black-eyed peas.

Soooooo good!

I spent the night with them and no joke but I literally woke up, brushed my teeth, and left in my pajamas with the rents and I went over to my house and we had a clean up Saturday and cleaned in my pajamas ALL day! They helped me clean and prepare for this lovely lady to move in with me on Monday.

This is one of my awesomest (I know that's not a word, ha) friends named Jill. I'll tell you more about her soon but I am absolutely stoked and so glad she's going to be my roomie.

But before we headed to the house we went to lunch and my parents have been in search of a dog. For the longest time they've had it in their minds they want an adult dog they don't have to train but there was a pet store right next to where we ate and seriously we fell in love with this puppy who is a mix of Maltese and Dachshund. The cutest thing you ever did see. So we ate lunch and decided we would talk, think about it and they wanted to make sure they were wanting to go the puppy route. This puppy just had their name on it, so he's now official theirs.

And when I get a good picture I will introduce you to Sir Winston :) Ha! Yes, that's what we named him and I love it.

So after we finished up cleaning at the house we went and picked the little mister up and some sushi along the way (YUM YUM), and now we're all back at my parents house. This has been a parents weekend and I so love this time I have with them.

And I'm pooped and it was not a picture worthy day. But I know you were dying to see my in my pajamas, I was NOT going to have that.

So that's my Saturday.

The End :)


Rebecca Jo said...

I feel like I've cleaned more in the past 48 hrs myself then in the past year... & I still have a ton to go... I didnt realize I was that messy :) Love doing it in pj's too!!!

Cant wait to see the pictures of the new family member!!! :) Puppies sure are alot of work, but they sure do love you for teaching them...

Holly said...

cant wait to see pictures of Sir Winston! What a great name! We have been catching up on cleaning all weekend!

Angie S said...

Sounds very productive!! I can't wait to see pics of the cute little pup!

Happy New Year!

Ashley @ {Let Go, Laughing} said...

oh we totally had a clean up saturday too! we spent the whole day cleaning, organizing, rearranging, etc.

I am exhausted from it and still more to do tomorrow! haha

His Doorkeeper said...

Love to see that puppy pic! Cutie, I bet!
Happy New Year Miss Lauren!! I think this is going to be YOUR year for greatness!

God bless you muchly!
Love ya!

alyssa said...

our maltese's name is winston!! cant wait to see him!!

Jordan said...

Sounds productive! Can't wait to see pics of the puppy!!

PS: Thank you sooo much for the advice! I'm really trying to follow my heart and realize what God has planned for my career. Love ya! :)