Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Girl time!

I wanted to share a few pictures from Monday night. We had a girls night at a local joint called Ramshackles with a whole bunch of us ladies. It's a great restaurant with great food and an awesome atmosphere, and a whole LOT of laughter! Enjoy!

Samantha and I.

With Kassie.

My sister with Mandi.

Our table!

My second Mom, she's my mom's BFF.

My mom with the girls!

Ummm, so yeah, don't know what kind of face I was trying to make, ha!

More of the girls!

Kind of dark, sorry!


Had to get one more gangsta pose in there, ha! Cracks me up!

The most hilarious woman you will ever meet!!!

Mother and daughter!

They wanted to get in on the gangsta action too!! ha!

Good times!!

I hope everyone had a good Tuesday and that your Wednesday is off to a good start! Tonight we are going out to eat to celebrate my brother and sister-in-law's birthday. My SIL's was Easter and my brother's birthday is tomorrow. So that should be fun, and of course, pictures to follow :)


Jordan said...

That looks like so much fun! Girl's nights are the best!!

Kelsey said...

Looks like a great time!

Megan said...

So fun! I love a good girls night!

Juliet said...

Such cute pics! Makes me want to go out for a girls night soon!

Melissa said...

You are so funny!!

Rebecca Jo said...

Why is your mom's BFF wearing a tiara? Is she celebrating something?

Love all the pics... nothing like a girl time!! & you got plans for tonight! How much fun are you having lately?

And totally jealous that you have on a tank top!! I'm sitting here in a turtle neck sweater today! BOO!!!

Nichele Lynn said...

LOVE the ganster poses!! haha Made me laugh!! and in response to your comment; Yes! I think we may be long lost twins!! haha Have a good day girl!

Michaelene Sargent said...

How fun! Thanks for sharing such great times.

Shauna said...

Girl time is the BEST! Looks like so much fun :)

yours truly... said...

Girl nights are the best!! Cute pictures!!

Whitney said...

SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Niki said...

Fun pics!! I love girl's nights!!

Loree said...

Looks like you had a good time. I'm overdue for a girl's night out.

Emily said...

ahhh looks like a blast:) I love girl time:) I had girls nite last nite with some college friends and girls night tonight with some friends of my husbands.. their wives and girlfriends:)

Jacquie said...

You girls are just too cute!

Jess :) said...

Girl time rocks!! There just isn't much better than a good, fun, relaxing night out...especially when you have such good company!! :)

The pictures are too cute! :) Love them!!

Hope you had a fabulous day!

Love ya

Paige said...

Girlfriends are the best! Looks like you had a great time, with lots of laughter!

Kristen said...

Just randomly stumbled upon your blog! It looks like you had a great time and I loved reading your about me information and your walk with Jesus :)